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I think I smell a house tour!! If the bedroom is this pretty, I can't imagine the rest of the house would be any different.

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10/14/09 10:43 AM

Regretsy!? Are you kidding me? Love it.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Regretsy: The Worst of Etsy
10/7/09 05:53 PM

My husband and I just purchased our first ever record player(yeah I have no idea how we've missed the boat all these years!!), and these would be the perfect records to start our collection.

We're both big MJ fans, and would definitely bust out the dancin shoes regularly!

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7/2/09 03:39 PM

Definitely black!

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10/9/08 11:50 AM

Pure tea-tree oil diluted with a bit of water makes the best facial toner.

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9/5/08 12:51 PM

Las Vegas all the way!!!

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8/21/08 12:19 PM

Cute cute cute...would look adorable in our kitchen!!

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Thursday Giveaway: Flair Highchair by Boon
7/18/08 10:08 AM

This bedding would look great in our new house! It's so perfect for spring :)

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2/28/08 09:27 AM