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Gorgeous! I love the rustic wood vanity - and especially how it looks with that mirror! Where did you get the mirror? I immediately went hunting for something similar and am finding only really expensive things... was that a DIY too?

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2/1/14 11:21 PM

Wow, thanks for your comments, everybody! I, too was amused at how many people commented on the sink. It is indeed a bog-standard Australian sink! It's fine and does the job, but I hadn't realised that it would be such an unusual style compared with American sinks.

Thanks also for the helpful comments re: clutter. We have very little storage in our kitchen, eg no pantry, so I find it hard to hide away all my necessities. But you're inspiring me to try to edit down what I have to de-clutter even further. I do like the clean look, and in principle I love the idea of minimalism, but I find it hard to implement into real life, especially with two small children. (Nobody has commented on the child locks on our lower cabinets in the after picture!) I'd love advice from anyone else who is working toward minimalism as well!

Oh, and on the cost: The custom-cut, heat-treated glass for the backsplash was going to be close to $1k on its own, just to make it and install it! But the company made some mistakes and ended up giving it to us for about half price, which enabled us to do everything else for under $1k. I imagine a similar collection of improvements in the US would cost half as much.

Keep the comments coming, everyone - I love the helpful and encouraging AT community!

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12/11/13 11:29 AM

I love the mousetrap notice board! How fun! Was that a DIY?

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8/28/13 01:05 AM

There was a cute garbage can makeover on a blog post at Amoretti:

Basically, it was spray-painted and then she made a band to keep the edge of the bag in place - a cute effect overall if you're into that sort of thing!

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Good Questions

11/15/11 09:28 PM

Lee Collett beat me to it! If you want to visit Sydney, Australia, and it doesn't work out to swap with Lee, we'd love to swap with you! :) I used to live in Paris (in the 12th arrondissement) and miss it! What a lovely place to live!

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The Color Cure

8/26/11 04:30 AM

Thanks, Dulcibella!

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6/23/11 07:03 AM

Also timely for me, as I'm about to take a 24-hour flight to the US from Australia! I am a veteran traveller, but this time it will be with baby in tow - a new experience for me! Any advice about travelling with babies? I'm inclined to bring a box of earplugs to pass out to the people sitting around me - I've been in their shoes many times! This time I'll have more sympathy for other parents of small children!

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6/22/11 09:47 PM

Amoretti Designs has a great make-your-own kit for a gorgeous butterfly garland made from fabric scraps. Check it out here:

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6/9/11 03:36 AM