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Great space and tour. Love the use of color and
how you've made the space your own. I'm
so sick of renovated spaces with Crate and
Barrel furniture, mass produced "designer"
art, and white walls. This space is for
real. Thank you and be well!

Laura Lee’s Bright & Playful Basement Studio House Tour
3/5/14 08:10 PM

Fantastic! LOVE IT! The title alone made me LOL! The wallpaper in the bedroom
and the black/white tiles in the bathroom are divine. Bravo!

Gail & Chil's \"Dead Grandmother\" Style House Tour
7/18/13 10:44 PM

Yeah, baby! Totally with my style, amazingly individual with the
objects they love, because IT'S THEIR HOME! Great to have
see a tour not out of HGTV. And the bracelets made me faint!

Sam and Nick's Dot House House Tour
7/18/13 10:38 PM

Love it, great tour! A home reflecting the taste
of the owners. No a "Keep Calm" poster in

Michael & Jitka’s Artfully Combined Townhouse House Tour
7/18/13 09:03 PM

Oe of the best tours ever, but a little photo editing would have made it more enjoyable.
Still in all an incredible (non white walled, I thank you) space.

Raimud's Hollywood Hills Home & Garden House Tour
6/30/13 03:33 AM

Fantastic kitchen!!!!!

Carl & Emma's Well-Traveled Family Home House Tour
6/30/13 03:21 AM

Nice and funky (couple & home), just like like t!

Chris & Kristen's Artists' Retreat House Tour
6/30/13 03:18 AM

Lovely family and house. It's fantastic seeing a Richmond home.
It's a little too sterile with no surprises or wow moments in
art or decoration for me, but I look forward to see how this
young couple develops further.

Chris & Julie's Sunny Dixie Abode House Tour
6/27/13 11:04 PM guys get out of my house! I love it, it's totally my style down to the
wall color! Bravo!

James & Mark's Haute Flea Market Style House Tour
5/11/13 11:04 PM

Fantastic tour! I'm thrilled to see a tour that's all about personal
choices and bold statements that reflect the owners style
and imagination. Choices that go beyond the monochromatic
white walls that are 90% of the tours we see on Apt. Therapy
these days. Well done and right on!

Kelle & Nick's Play of Color and Pattern House Tour
4/6/13 03:02 PM

The physical space of the house is amazing. Great artwork,
I love the kitchen and the black wallpaper is breathtaking.
But the house as a whole feels disjointed. I love bold
everything, wallpaper, furniture...but it seems that
the choices do not flow in color, texture or theme.

Leah & Bill's Modern Love Nest House Tour
11/2/12 04:02 AM

I love this home more than I can possibly say. No "Keep Calm & Carry On" posters, and
every bell and whistle big box store items displayed on endless white walls. This tour
is lovely and extraordinarily personal, there are lives being lived in this home. I adore
your hallway, just walking through it would give me endless pleasure. I'm in love! And
yes, we also have framed artwork on the floor.

JoAnn & Dan's Creatively Collected Home House Tour
11/2/12 03:34 AM

This is my kind of tour, funky as hell! Bravo, dude...for the tour
andnd your beard!

Christopher's Fine and Feathery Nest House Tour
9/14/12 02:04 AM

Love house, wishing for more of the physical spec and less vignettes.

Andrew & Rebecca's Modern Vintage Country Home House Tour
9/14/12 01:58 AM

Lovely house tour, warm & personal. Love it and the bold use of color!

Sarah's Contemporary Color in London House Tour
9/14/12 01:54 AM

The physical space is breathtaking, but the decor is horrendous. All catalogue and big
Box contemporary furniture items. For one who is blessed to own such an unique
space in NYC, there is a heartbreaking lack of originality and personality. Soulless...
Doug get a decorator up and through there!

Doug's Glam Triplex in Union Square House Tour
9/14/12 01:43 AM

Absolutely love it, fantastic !

Jennifer's Touch of Hollywood Glamour House Tour
8/15/12 09:09 PM

Great light fixtures throughout. The fabric choice on the sofa is too drab and I'll
Fitting. The custom build furniture is wonderful. More full room photos and
less knacks would be helpful.

Sean & Sara's Minimal Americana House Tour
6/21/12 07:58 PM

Great tour, the bully breed dog is the best!

Alexis' Modern Glass House House Tour
6/21/12 07:48 PM


Budi & Andrew's Global Oasis in London House Tour
6/21/12 07:42 PM