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Any advice on what foods should be cooked fully first before freezing and what should just be assembled and then frozen? I have heard various tips and tricks, especially when it comes to cheese, that seem to have differing views.

My Best ​Tips for Power Cooking Sessions & Freezer Meal Preparation Freezer Friendly Advice from Jessica Fisher
9/2/13 07:28 PM

I recently got Mark Bittman's "how to cook everything: basics," which has a lot of simple and, of course, basic recipes, as well as cooking tips if you're not that confident with your skills in the kitchen.

I also must second the love for Budget Bytes. The recipes are simple and explained perfectly. The cost depends on what you can find in the grocery store but gives you a good idea of how much the dish should cost and how many meals you can make out of it!

What Are Your Favorite Cookbooks for Healthy & Cheap Recipes? Good Questions
7/29/13 08:44 PM

i've used both a vitamix and a ninja, and much prefer the ninja. as powerful as the vitamix can be, most of the time i can't get the food on top to be blended in on the bottom. the ninja has so many blades that that simply isn't a problem. the vitamix, in my opinion, is a waste of money.

Cheaper (But Still Reliable) Alternative to a Vitamix Blender? Good Questions
5/30/13 08:06 PM

I finally tried this out tonight. I was definitely amazed at how creamy and thick the milk got as the pasta cooked. I don't know where I went wrong, though - once it came off the stove and I added the cheese, it wasn't creamy any more. It really is a much easier recipe than those that call for bechemel, but I've never had a creaminess issue with the more labor intensive recipes. May just stick to what I know unless I'm in a bind!

Mac and Cheese: The Secret to Making It Rich and Creamy
4/2/12 09:12 PM

the one week i tried to be a vegetarian (i like meat too much to go longer than that!) i made sure i wasn't relying on pasta to fill the gaps, so i went for things like vegetarian chili, eggplant parm, and quiche (if you are still eating eggs and cheese).

What Are Some Great Vegetarian Dinners That Don't Depend on Pasta?Good Questions
3/19/12 02:51 PM

can't wait to try this recipe out! i too lived off of chicken and pasta when i was little - specifically rice a roni and plain chicken breasts. recently, i went out to a very nice dinner and ordered chicken with pasta in an alfredo sauce. once i dug in, i began to wonder why it tasted so good and yet so was because it tasted JUST LIKE rice a roni!!!! as yummy as it was, it was kind of upsetting that it was served to me at a really nice restaurant and cost about 20x what a box of that crap in the grocery store would cost.

Recipe: Blackened Chicken with Creamy Angel Hair PastaRecipes from The Kitchn
3/19/12 02:49 PM

just made it this morning, and am so excited that i have a yummy breakfast to eat all week! i did a mix between cheddar and asiago - cheddar in the egg mixture, and asiago on top. i have issues cooking with cheddar in situations like this - unless you're using really a really sharp cheddar or a strong flavored cheddar (like habanero, my favorite from Cabot!), then the cheese just ends up being flavorless and empty calories. that's why I used asiago, and if i had had more of it i would have only used that kind of cheese.

Brunch Recipe: Bacon, Potato & Egg Breakfast Casserole
3/19/12 02:44 PM

after finding a link to freezer burritos on the site a while ago, i ended up stocking my freezer with 12 burritos! i only used aluminum foil, and months later, they've held up fine. my only issue with doing this again (only 2 more burritos left) is that i have yet to master the re-heating technique. thawing in the fridge, par-cooking in the microwave, and finishing up on a medium-low grill pan on the stove yields very mixed results - sometimes it's piping hot and other times the middle is still frozen! i think, though, i might try again with the toaster oven method - i hate using the microwave only because i like my wraps to be crispy instead of soggy.

How To Make Your Own Frozen Wraps Freezer Friendly
3/14/12 01:02 PM

thanks, @Rucy! i love freezing things so much, though, that there's literally not an inch of room in my freezer for anything new! guess until i eat the contents of my freezer down i'll just make a whole batch and try and exercise self-control :)

Mac and Cheese: The Secret to Making It Rich and Creamy
2/20/12 02:21 PM

would this translate well into making just one serving? it's far too dangerous for me to keep multiple servings around the house!

Mac and Cheese: The Secret to Making It Rich and Creamy
2/18/12 04:32 PM

finally got to snag a piece! i understand where the bland comments are coming from - the only flavor came from the asiago cheese i melted on top, but the satisfaction from making my own bread for the first time made up for that. question though - i had the pot in the oven while it was pre-heating, and then put the dough straight in. when it came out of the oven, though, bottom had this weird, hard layer on it. was the pot too hot or something? i'd like to avoid it the next time i make it!

How To Make No-Knead Bread
2/15/12 06:35 PM

i can't try it just yet as the bread i just pulled out of my oven is for my valentine! but it looks and smells heavenly. my dough was way too wet for me to form it into anything resembling a ball, so i could only just plop it into my pot. i tried scoring the top, but the knife didn't really do anything -- and i wanted to make a heart too! this seriously was just about the easiest thing to do, though!

How To Make No-Knead Bread
2/14/12 08:49 AM

I'll be celebrating with some "big blue"-berry banana bread! it may not be the most party friendly of desserts, but i've got some super ripe bananas just waiting to become banana bread.

Super Bowl Sweet Tooth: 7 Nibbles for the Dessert Table
2/3/12 09:59 PM

how do you think this would be traveling? if i made this before my superbowl party and then heated it up in my crockpot's lil dipper, would it recover from the trip?

Super Bowl Recipe: Beer & Cheddar Dip
2/1/12 06:55 PM

I picked up a whole birthday cake from my favorite LA bakery, and of course I live in NJ and was planning on flying it home. Before I ordered it, though, I called both the TSA and the airline to make sure I'd be able to bring it through security and store on the plane. Long story short - I was good to go, and if I wasn't, I'd eat it all myself! I slipped the box in a duffel bag and carried it with me til I got on the plane (without any trouble from the TSA, even though the cake was slathered in frosting), and then I slipped it under the seat in front of me. 1 day and 3000 miles later, I served it at my party and it didn't even look like it had been purchased in a different time zone!

I Am Not a Gel: Share Your Air Travel Food Stories
1/25/12 06:11 PM

i'm so excited because i'll be making this tonight! i too like a thicker consistency - any tips on how to do that? i only have one potato, but i was thinking of subbing in some milk for the broth or sprinkling in some corn starch.

Recipe: Roasted Broccoli & Cheddar Soup
10/31/11 12:19 PM

i've done this once before -- i found the wonton wrappers to be be really gummy, in a really unappealing way. i have thought if i were to ever do it again, i'd try and par-bake the wrappers before putting in the filling.

that being said, it is a fun way to eat lasagna, and super easy to pop in the freezer and take out for lunch individually over time.

Lasagna Cupcakes: Just the Right Size for Lunch
10/17/11 06:47 PM

The cook in me would recommend only cooking what you can eat immediately and relying on grains and pastas and fruits and veggies so nothing goes to waste. The future lawyer in me, however, would check your lease and your state's landlord/tenant laws to see if you can coax your landlord into getting the new fridge sooner or purchasing one yourself and deducting it from your rent!

Help! I'm Without a a Fridge for 2 Weeks. What Can I Eat?
Good Questions

8/31/11 12:45 PM