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Gorgeous! The ticking is both a bold, unexpected choice and a classic one that will stand up over time.

Before & After: This Sofa Goes Ticky Ticky Boom!
10/9/13 11:40 AM

Speaking as someone who works at home, sometimes a very small workspace is best - it keeps you more tightly focused on your tasks, IMO. That said, I think this is a workable home office solution only for someone who lives alone or at minimum can expect to be alone at home during working hours. If that's not the case, then the most important part of a home office is a door you can close.

Like the idea of building up in a space with high ceilings.

Before & After: A Novelist's Home Office Takes a Step Up
10/8/13 12:25 PM

Sometimes posters here (including me) say, "that's not my style, but I like it." In this case, it *could not* be my style, because this is the single most individual interior space I've ever seen. I love that you have absolutely embraced your personal aesthetic in every single way. Normally I am So Over taxidermy as a trend, but the pieces you have here are clearly part of no trend whatsoever, just your own vision, and so they work beautifully. My personal favorite is the red bedroom with the peacocks. Great job.

Adam's DIY Ode To Ornamentalism House Tour
9/27/13 01:11 PM

Super cute! As the bench is used as sort of a "landing pad" and not seating, I think it's no big deal that she didn't replace the woven seat. If in future she wants to adapt it for a different use, that will be an easy fix. Beautiful effect.

Before & After: This Bench Goes Global
9/27/13 11:39 AM

I have a dark purple sofa - dark enough that usually it takes people a moment to notice. Invariably, they love it. The deep eggplant color is as versatile as a neutral. Wish more people went bold with it! These rooms are terrific.

Get The Look: Dark Sofas with Colorful Style
9/26/13 04:03 PM

Really lovely.

Elizabeth's \"Eclectic Sophistication\" Room Room for Color Contest
9/25/13 07:26 PM

Favorited not only because it's a great space but also because that's a brilliant source of inspiration!

Victoria's \"Joan\" Room Room for Color Contest
9/25/13 07:25 PM

This is truly inspired. I don't know if it's the style I would have in my house, but I think this is imaginative, bold and individual. You guys have created and embraced your own aesthetic -- fabulous.

Emery's \"Bronx Prohibition\" Room Room for Color Contest
9/25/13 12:34 PM

Extraordinary. Incredibly bold color choices, but the result is totally harmonious and not overbearing. This one is sensational.

Vineet's \"Bold & Vibrant\" Room Room for Color Contest
9/18/13 11:45 AM

Can we get the paint used, shade and manufacturer?

Amanda's \"Butter Yellow\" Room room for color contest
9/10/13 11:23 PM

Yes to good tools and a bare minimum of decent cookware. Art - once you know what you really love. But I lived in apartments for 20 years before buying my own house and have never had a key rack or a noise machine in any of them! My substitutes would be renter's insurance (MUST HAVE) and one thing that genuinely, truly makes you feel that you're at home. That could be a quilt you love, a set of drinking glasses, video games, a houseplant, whatever, so long as it makes you feel like your place is YOURS.

Apartment Essentials: 5 Items to Carry From Your First Apartment To Your Last
9/10/13 11:21 PM

Very nice use of color - doesn't feel forced or loud at all, but there is still definitely a lot of interest and energy.

Maria's \"Viva California\" Room
9/9/13 07:47 PM

ITA that this is a great space but not a great contender for color use.

Maria's \"Light, Colorful & Collected\" Room
9/9/13 07:45 PM

YES. Love it!

Tracy's \"Madras-Marrakech\" Room Room for Color Contest
9/9/13 07:45 PM

Really nicely done. Great proof that pink need not look "Barbie" - this is a vibrant space.

Jennifer's \"Pink & Lime\" Room
9/5/13 02:49 PM

I own one very large piece of artwork. It's inspirational for me, and very important. However, when I say large, I mean LARGE.

And what I did, it came time to shop for my house, was specifically look for places where I'd have an ideal place to hang that painting.

Would it have been an absolute dealbreaker for me if I'd found an otherwise perfect house without such a place? I'll never know, because my ideal house had the ideal spot!

How To Make Your Old Furniture Work in a New Space
9/5/13 02:48 PM

Absolutely LOVE it. Amazing choice of a vibrant wall color that nonetheless creates a calm and tranquil space.

Lisa's \"Bright Forest \" Room room for color contest
9/4/13 03:44 PM


Terri's \"Powdered Peach\" Room Room For Color Contest
9/4/13 11:52 AM

I lived upstairs from an opera singer once. She would run through scales and simple practice songs occasionally. I loved every note!

5 Ways to Deal with the Noisy Neighbors Next Door
9/4/13 11:52 AM

I have an alarm system from ADT, and good locks (multiple locks) on both of my doors. The majority of the windows won't open without twenty minutes of hard work and lots of noise, so I feel like they are their own security system backup.

Bedside Hammer: What's Your Home Security System?
9/3/13 10:06 PM