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Thank you. I made the pillow covers - fabric is Waverley Olana Bayleaf.

Derona's Mini Duplex Small Cool Contest
6/17/14 08:10 AM

That is a huge compliment, as it's exactly the look I was going for. Thank you.

Derona's Mini Duplex Small Cool Contest
5/27/14 02:48 PM

Thanks :) The bedroom paint colour is F&B Studio Green.

Derona's Mini Duplex Small Cool Contest
5/27/14 03:11 AM

You're right, it's an opium coffee table - definitely not an antique!

Derona's Mini Duplex Small Cool Contest
5/27/14 03:10 AM

Thanks for your comments! We're still waiting for the curtains to be fitted, hopefully they will be ready to install in the next few weeks. You can see the dining chairs better here

Derona's Mini Duplex Small Cool Contest
5/27/14 03:08 AM

There is a glass railing on the mezzanine level and it shows as a reflection in the photo - mirrors would have been fabulous though!

Derona's Mini Duplex Small Cool Contest
5/26/14 02:31 PM

Thanks for the kind comments! The coffee table is from Maisons Du Monde and I made the pillows (the fabric is Waverly Olana Bayleaf).

Derona's Mini Duplex Small Cool Contest
5/26/14 02:29 PM

Oh la la - this place is stunning...

Will & Rebekah's Traditional with a Twist in Paris House Tour
5/26/14 01:59 PM

aaaaw, best post ever!

Friday Fun: Purrrfect Pets
5/26/14 01:55 PM

Soooo many recycled posts these days....

Before & After: A Cute and Colorful Lack Hack
5/18/14 06:14 AM

Are there prizes for international entries this year?

Psst...Small Cool is Coming This Week!
5/13/14 05:19 PM

I do want to enter...but it depends on if I can not be lazy long enough to take photos...

Psst...Small Cool is Coming This Week!
5/13/14 08:10 AM

14oo sq feet in Marylebone with a roof terrace? Yeah, Im jealous. Nice place - my favourite is the Valentin bed, mostly because I have the same one!

Where is that cool wine storage from? I keep seeing them....

Alison's Sophisticated and Posh London Home House Tour
5/11/14 12:32 PM

Stunning kitchens, but what theyre both missing, IMO is a touch a black. With such a muted palette, it needs just a little of a strong colour - something like Tom Dixon cone pendants hanging in a row would really top it off me thinks.

5 Ideas to Steal from a Gorgeous Stockholm Kitchen
4/25/14 08:14 AM

...And here I was thinking I invented that "plain white storage boxes on top of kitchen cabinets" look. Great minds and all...

My Small Home: Claire's Small Space Solutions
4/24/14 08:33 AM

Wow this place is great - really well put together with charm, but not too over the top and unrelatable like many of the London tours are.

One quick question, have you ever considered moving the sofa to face the wall with the ledge and moving the tv to the wall with the ledge? The ceiling looks quite low but you could possibly put a sofa table behind the sofa so that its not right up against the wall? Then the arm chair that sits at the entrance behind the sofa could be placed next to the tv, facing the sofa. It looks like it would really improve flow.

Also, I will be checking out your blog as my tiny balcony in Brixton is in dire need of greenery!

Isabelle's Top Floor Flat in London House Tour
4/22/14 08:46 AM

They're Ikea.

Jill's Cool & Cozy California Cottage House Call
4/15/14 08:18 AM

20FT vaulted ceilings in a new build, one bed flat in south london always gets a reaction.

What Surprises People the Most About Your Home? Reader Survey
3/18/14 09:09 AM

How timely, just wrote on my blog about this on the weekend! Moved into our flat in October, and despite having no curtains (we know our neighbours REALLY well), its finally feeling like home!

How Far Has Your Home Come (From Where You Started)?
3/11/14 09:22 AM

Tv consoles are Ikea ps

Kathryn & Joey 's Eclectic, DIY Condo House Call
3/4/14 08:23 AM