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BTW, we've been on the receiving end of a half dozen hens from others who decided to give them up. Including one hen that, even though we quarantined her properly before introducing her into our flock, managed to bring an infectious respiratory disease into the flock that killed three hens, made three others very ill, and now means we have to practice an "all in, all out" method of flock management. Meaning we can't add any more birds to the flock unless we kill all the other ones, because now they're all carriers and will infect any new bird that we bring in. Any new bird may become sick, may not, may die, may live through a nasty flu-like illness requiring lots of intense care, but every bird will be infected. Thanks, people who didn't know what they were doing!

The End of the Urban Chicken Trend? NBC
7/11/13 12:01 AM

Chicken keeper here. I never fell into the, "They're my babies! They're my pets!" That's the problem right there. On a farm-- even the nostalgic farmlandia people dream of that never really existed-- once a hen stops laying, she is generally dispatched, unless she has another job to do. And chickens do not typically need veterinary care, other than that which you can provide yourself, unless you are raising them in poor conditions. Like anything else, if people get into it for the romance, because it's trendy, or because they're filling an emotional hole in their lives, there is bound to be a sad end.

The End of the Urban Chicken Trend? NBC
7/10/13 11:55 PM

Eye mask-- the only place I ever take naps is on an airplane. I use the antibacterial wipes to wipe down what my HANDS will be touching, not my bottom. My husband gets a little queasy on planes and he swears by candied ginger to calm his stomach.

Agree on the pashmina or a scarf, noise cancelling headphones (Mcdey - I had the Sonys but was gifted the Bose and they are really quite amazing and comfy), and an empty water bottle that you fill from the fountain.

I also make sure I wear sunscreen on my face because I like a window seat -- one is exposed to quite a lot of UV rays in a plane (as you are in a car).

I don't really get too dried out if I drink water, so the other stuff is overkill for me.

Also, I always always always count the rows to my nearest exit. After this past weekend, I don't feel so paranoid in doing so.

Happy travels!

9 Air Travel Must-Haves for a Comfortable Flight
7/9/13 08:04 PM

Gorgeous, and appropriate for the house. Brass is back, baby. (I think it looks good here.)

Before & After:
Mandy's Handsome Bath Reno Canadian House & Home

4/24/13 05:41 PM

Those porch windows are really all I can see, which is a shame because the house has loads of charm. I wonder if there's a way to trim them out so they look more appropriate. Or revert back to the screened windows that were undoubtedly there previously. I know it's hard to give up a protected entry in a cold climate. But no matter what else you do, those windows just really stand out, and not in a good way.

Ideas for Freshening Up Exterior? Good Questions
4/24/13 05:28 PM

One of the things I love about this room is you can't really tell what year it is. Timeless!

Levi's Boyish Mix My Room
4/22/13 03:29 PM

CanadianMango-- it looked like two pots had those type of cacti-- easy enough to keep them away from wayward babies and dogs. They live in Austin, where there is a lot more danger from things like fireants and scorpions than from a few cactus needles anyway. ; )

Sam & Anne's Cozy Modern Blend House Tour
2/28/13 01:51 PM

I do like to have people over specifically to play board games or do more organized things like a scavenger hunt. If it's a dinner party, though, maybe just a break-the-ice type game like "three truths and a lie" to break the ice and help people get to know each other, if they don't already.

I've been over as a guest when the host breaks out the Wii or another technology-driven game, and I think that's a HUGE turnoff unless people are invited specifically to do that. (Speaking specifically for adults here. I'm sure most teens and kids would love it.)

Games: Good Fun or a Party Foul?
2/7/13 04:22 PM

I'm not quite sure about how it looks when it's lit up. I think it needs more light... but hey, at least they'll have a lifetime supply of replacement bulbs handy! I totally dig that part of it.

DIY Success Story: A Handmade and Handwired Cluster Chandelier Love and Renovations
2/6/13 05:54 PM

Again, one of those "temporary" fixes that is really a bad idea in practice. If you pin or staple up wallpaper, it will look like you pinned or stapled it up and you'll have to repair the holes. Double sided tape will ruin the walls, and it will look like you taped up the wallpaper.

One Minute Tip: How to Sneak Wallpaper Into Your Rental Apartment Therapy Videos
2/6/13 05:45 PM

I get that they wanted an update, but as someone who has had to deal with several misguided attempts by others at covering up something unsightly, this kind of thing gives me the shivers. ESPECIALLY in a wet area.

Before & After: Butterscotch Bathroom Tile Gets an Inexpensive Update
2/6/13 05:39 PM

Arthur looks like a fun guy.

Beautifully Organized: Kids' Playspaces
2/4/13 08:40 PM

Freaky. I look up from my desk and see almost the exact same set-up as image #1. Except my Expedit is the brown/black and the cowhide rug is dark brown and white. And the basket is green.

While I'd love to have built-ins or some other high-design options, you just can't beat the Expedit for practicality at a democratic price point.

The World's Most Popular Bookcase:
Best Uses of the IKEA Expedit

1/21/13 05:42 PM

I second the suggestion to go vintage. I scored a beautiful teak oval table for about $600 that included two leaves. Fully extended, it seats 10 comfortably, 12 crowded around. It's stunning. Something similar at one of the Scandinavian furniture stores was more than $3000.

Oval Dining Table to Seat 8 Under $1000? Good Questions
1/21/13 11:18 AM

That happens to me all the time! I thought it was because the shirts were cheap. Sadly, my theory was proven wrong on a couple of expensive t-shirts. What's the cause? And, more importantly, what's the solution? It's an epidemic in my wardrobe.

Decluttering Tips: Shedding Clothes from Your Closet
1/19/13 04:24 PM

One thing I do occasionally is to take anything out that needs mending, tailoring or specialized cleaning, and take care of it. No sense keeping a wonderful dress with a broken zipper in there indefinitely.

Decluttering Tips: Shedding Clothes from Your Closet
1/18/13 06:10 PM

Madam P, I like your approach!

Decluttering Tips: Shedding Clothes from Your Closet
1/18/13 06:07 PM

The things I generally keep that violate the "one year" rule are high quality items that may reflect a particular style that cycles in and out of favor. Shoes and boots, for example-- pointy toes, round toes, stilettos, wedges... I buy good quality footwear and that's a way to keep a look current without cycling through new and expensive purge/purchase cycles. And different cuts/proportions of good jackets. This only works, of course, if you have room and an inventory system to help you remember what you have that might be stored away for a season.

Decluttering Tips: Shedding Clothes from Your Closet
1/18/13 06:06 PM

The best organizing tip I've gotten-- and it applies to pretty much anything, but is very apropos regarding books -- is to define boundaries for something. As long as it stays within the boundaries, you're good. If it starts smooshing over the boundaries, take action. It could be one shelf, it could be an entire library, but if the books exceed the boundaries, you should either get rid of some or redefine the boundaries and encroach into the boundaries of something else. If you know you have to get rid of, say, family photos or shoes to make room for more books, you'll consider more carefully if you really need more books.

Day 12: Declutter Books & Media Apartment Therapy January Cure
1/17/13 01:42 PM

I call B.S. on anyone who says they can't afford original art and have to get reproductions. Can I afford an original Lucien Freud or Cindy Sherman? No. But my room has more integrity if I have a thrift store landscape than I have a mass produced repro, and so will yours.

3 Ways To Keep A Room From Feeling Flat
1/12/13 07:04 PM