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Please God, lay the tile first. That will ensure that when the next person (or even you, further down the line) needs to put in a new toilet, vanity, etc. there is tile underneath.

Should I Install Floor Tile or Cabinets First? Good Questions
7/14/14 04:06 PM

Everyone is entitled to a few nice things in life, no matter their station. And even the lowest wage workers are entitled to days off. Vacations don't need to be expensive. They can be a few days visiting a friend or family member. They can be prizes that you win. They can be gifts. I bet that 18 year old would love to go on a vacation, and I'd love for her to go on one.

Tess - I apologize on behalf of decent people for these commenters. Take time off. Drink wine. Enjoy life. You - just like everyone else - deserve it.

Post-Vacation Day-Off: A Glorious Day of Chores
6/30/14 05:17 PM

Trouty - I had the same exact reaction. Unless the people flying the flag are in mourning (in which case I believe that is the proper way to hang it - obviously if it was flying, it would be half-mast).

Flag Day: Americana From Our House Tours American Style
6/19/14 04:47 PM

Can we talk about the fact that there's a cloakroom?!?! I want one!

Ellen's Tough Design Choices Small Cool Contest
6/3/14 10:32 PM

Light or lightish gray sofa! White curtains, or maybe light yellow or light green.
The carpet is dark but also has a really bright pattern, so I'd want to keep everything else light and not too showy. Let the rug be the star.

Love This Rug! Ideas for Curtains and Upholstery? Good Questions
6/2/14 03:40 PM

I think that the kitchen looks terrific and is a HUGE improvement! Congratulations on making it through such a big renovation. I think sometimes when people look at the price tag they aren't thinking about all of the structural work and permitting that had to take place in order to get to just a clean slate on which to install the kitchen. Every renovation - especially when there's a contractor who doesn't live and operate in the space they way you do! - seems to be filled with afterthoughts and "just in the nick of time" thoughts. Of course you were the one who thought about the under-oven drawer and cabinet in the wall! That's because you were thinking about all of the things you need to store and where you would wind up putting them. I'm a middle school librarian currently in the process of planning a renovation to our library space and it's amazing how many things I've thought of that we absolutely need that the architect and other professionals involved in the project would never even consider. Why? Because I "live" in the space every day and know the priorities and must-haves better.

Jennifer's Kitchen: The Last Week Renovation Diary
4/29/14 03:58 PM

I love the photos. And I love the drawer pulls. Gretchen for mom of the year!

DIY Room Decor: Vintage Fisher Price Art
4/24/14 04:09 PM

I'm all about small spaces and less is more. But I just don't think I could share a twin bed every night. Once in a while, sure. But not every night. More power to them! I'd probably have made the nook a storage/closet/dressing area and done a Murphy bed or something convertible in the living room area.

Small Space Lessons: Floorplan and Solutions from Ashley & Ryan's Happy History
4/23/14 04:20 PM

I love this question! My dream would be to live in a 2-3 bedroom house with 2 bathrooms and some outside space. (Right now we have 2 br 1 ba and a long-term houseguest who is living in the second bedroom rent-free while she gets back on her feet after a divorce). I'd love to either have a second bathroom or a porch. With the spring weather I'm leaning towards wishing I had a porch/patio/deck on which to enjoy the day. But when my husband and I have to get ready at the same time and/or we have a houseguest, then I'd want the second bathroom. A laundry room would be really cool too! Then we could hang our clothes to dry there instead of on racks in the bedroom. So many possibilities!

What Would You Do With an Extra Room?
4/14/14 04:58 PM

Updating an older bathroom can be quite a challenge. Very well done. My husband and I are currently struggling with whether to gut our bathroom or just work around some of the issues. The previous owners got rid of the original sink, toilet and floor - which, based on how some of the wall tiles look is probably because they were broken, cracked and rusted - and replaced a few wall tiles with tiles that just don't quite match the originals. I want to maintain the look, but fear that it might just be better to gut and make it look original instead of trying to pair modern tile with original. You're so lucky that the original tile all seems to be in such good shape!

Before & After: A Vintage Bathroom Gets a Charming New Look
4/14/14 01:09 PM

I like the update. The original kitchen is nice (much better than mine!) so it would have been a shame to tear it out and not try to work with it. The only thing I'd have done that they didn't (given the budget) would be to take out the filler piece of cabinetry next to the oven and cut the granite countertop to match and then scoot the oven over more towards the window. I don't understand layouts that put stovetops next to the wall. You can't use all of your burners if the wall is there and there's nowhere for pot handles to go! And opening and closing the oven is difficult as well. Looks like they have a little space so the oven thing wouldn't be an issue, but still.

Before & After: A Mini Kitchen Makeover on the Cheap
3/27/14 06:01 PM

Our pit bull, Molly, is always desperate to play and is quite demanding of our attention. She demolishes those "interactive" toys in minutes by ripping off and chewing apart anything that stands in the way of her and a treat. So those don't work! She had to have surgery on her one hind knee, though, so we try to keep her relatively calm and take her on lots of long, exhausting walks (requiring ear muffs, thick gloves, heavy coats and snow boots for us!). We've also had success with what I call "toys within toys." She loves to tear out the stuffing and eat the squeakers in a new toy within the first 30 minutes of receiving it. We extend the life of these toys by putting Nylabones inside of them that she then has to work to tear out. We also have some of those water bottle toys, and they're great, because you can just keep putting in a new plastic water/drink bottle. Chewing and destroying toys is exhausting!

Stir-Crazy Dogs: Keeping Your Cooped-Up Canines Entertained During Winter Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies
3/7/14 04:29 PM

How about an "Option 3" that leaves the bathroom where it is, but makes use of the front space (and all those great windows) as a living area? Then you could put the kitchen in the middle, with appliances on the wall that appears to have the stairs. And then put the bedroom in the back.

Where Would You Put the Bedroom? Good Questions
1/17/14 02:55 PM

There's absolutely nothing wrong with wanting nice sheets or asking for a relative to gift you nice sheets. If you don't personally have the money for the sheets, but your current sheets are workable (not the best, but don't have holes or anything), then I'd say to stick with what you have for now. It's totally fine to splurge if done responsibly, and not at the expense of financial security. You never know when you'll come into some bonus money, receive a surprise gift or stumble upon a great sale. Good things come to those who wait! And if you just desperately want to have the sheets now, then just do it. And don't look back. But then no additional splurging for a while. You don't always have to pay bottom dollar, buy used or go without. Be responsible about your decisions, but don't suffer if you don't have to, and don't beat yourself up (as some commenters would have you do!).

Hoped-For Household Gifts: Did You Receive Them? Will You Buy Them?
1/10/14 01:45 PM

If you want to vary the colors by room, you might consider painting the long wall that connects the apartment one color (a light gray, tan or cream) that will coordinate with all of the other colors. Then for the other three walls of each room, you can choose a color that works with the fourth wall. The woman at the paint store told me that the C2 ( line of paints (and maybe others too!) is designed so that all of the colors work together. I would keep it light and airy, but there's no reason you couldn't have a long gray wall and then rooms that are light blue, light yellow, light green, etc. off that room. We color-coordinated the color palette for our house this way because our stairway is open from the downstairs to the upstairs and wanted to keep a continuous and cohesive "mood" or "feel" no matter what room you were in.

How To Paint Our Railroad Apartment? Good Questions
9/27/13 02:51 PM

I'd like to know more about source information for those bright animal prints above the dresser/changing station and also the whale next to the stereo on the radiator.

Cathy's \"Navy & Green Nursery\" Room room for color contest
9/10/13 04:15 PM

I too live in Alexandria, and agree that my lifestyle is more urban than even folks who live within the city limits of DC. The bus stops right outside my house and it's one stop to metro, I can walk to run/bike trails, grocery store, movies, billiards, library and shops and restaurants. Folks from DC pretend like I live out in the boonies, just because I'm on the other side of the Potomac, but I can make it to Capitol Hill much more quickly than they can and I have a higher walkscore (am closer to more walkable amenities) than they do!

Will Gen Y Ever Move to the Suburbs? The Wall Street Journal
5/18/13 06:46 PM

This might sound crazy, but put the litter box (and the extra bag of litter, tucked in a bucket), in the shower. It's out of the way and not an eyesore, but kitty can access it. When you need to shower, just lift the box and bucket out of the shower and put them on the bathroom floor. When you finish showering, put them right back in. You only shower for 15 minutes a day anyway, and that shower takes up a lot of space that could be multi-purposed.

Tips for Living in a Small Space with Pets
5/16/13 03:58 PM

None of the four kids in my family growing up ever drew with crayons, markers, etc. on anything other than paper (or whatever crafting surface we were coloring on). There two main reasons for this: 1) We were not allowed to have markers or pens 2) Crayons and other materials weren't just left laying around for us to play with at will, they were stored away, just like the play doh, paints, etc. (My mother also worked very hard to teach us to respect our possessions, and if we left toys out, they were taken away, so we were usually pretty good about putting things away properly.) Small children and pets need to be treated in a similar fashion when it comes to trusting them alone. Don't EVER leave anything out/accessible unless you're fine with them destroying it. If I leave my shoes out on the floor and my dog chews them, that's MY FAULT, not hers. I shouldn't leave it in a place where she can get it. That's why I close the bedroom and bathroom doors when I leave the house and do my best to never leave anything out on the counters or floor.

Tips for Avoiding Drawn-On Furniture
5/14/13 04:25 PM

You could always ask the seller to give $5k (or some other reasonable amount) in compensation to cover the cost of removing the siding and having it replaced. Even if you don't do anything with it now, you could take the $5k and put it in an account and when the time comes that the siding is damaged and dangerous, you'll have the funds to do a replacement. Or, you could just buy the house and know that it's something that you may eventually have to do something about. Or, you can bypass. Just know that asbestos is everywhere. In older buildings, you'll find it insulating pipes, in tiles, on siding, etc. You can't escape asbestos. You can only manage it.

Should I Buy a House That Has Asbestos Siding? Good Questions
5/1/13 10:22 AM