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Paint is Zurich white from Miller
Hood is flush with the ceiling and is Bosch? I think...

Sophie and Iain's Elegant Yet Family-Focused Vegetarian Kitchen Kitchen Tour
10/4/12 01:29 AM

The faucet is from KWC.

Kitchen Tour: Daria and Ben's Glossy White Kitchen
6/21/11 01:13 AM

...there is something we can all learn about living so intentionally. that house is cleverly & beautifully designed, well crafted and greener than any massive LEED platinum building just by its reuse, size and the marked lack of 'stuff' (nudge, nudge george carlin!). with that small footprint and mindfulness about 'having', we americans would all be better off- whatever our personal aesthetic.

i bet their electricity bills are low with that flood of natural light bouncing around on those white walls! the scandinavians know something about white walls and light in northern climates. energy efficient, natural and bright... funny that white is so hard for us to accept here!!

Lola & Eric's Sweet, Streamlined Home
Green Tour

6/3/11 01:55 AM

thank you katid, aptly put. as i understand this blog, and the people on it, it offers a peek into how we are IN and INTERACT with our homes. i don't believe anyone posted on this site is asking anything of us the VOYEURS, they are simply & GRACIOUSLY allowing us an opportunity to see their space. it is an intimate glimpse and, like it or not, we are privileged to see it.

the home owners appear to be mindful people (vs. wholesale consumers like many of us) and are taking their time to CURATE their new home. i don't always understand why particular photos are taken but i, at the very least, appreciate the photographic quality of them. and they tell the STORY. thank you apartment therapy and leela for this SWEET post. (and thank you to lola & eric and anyone who has ever allowed us, the ANONYMOUS general public, into their home at the risk of being skewered like this)

Lola & Eric's Sweet, Streamlined Home
Green Tour

6/3/11 01:38 AM