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Putting down people who are on assistance (welfare) is not really a good thing to teach children.

I'm in my 60s, and we didn't get an allowance when we were children, but my mother would always give us a bit of change when we'd pick up something at the corner mom & pop store, "for going." Kids were much less obsessed with money then! And it was a thrill that you got money just for going! I always smile when I think of that expression. You went to the store for your mother because it was the right thing to do, but you were also given a pat on the back (and a little monetary reward) for doing it!

8 Mistakes Parents Make With Allowance
Deseret News

8/24/11 10:12 PM

*Her inspirations came from travel photos and restaurants she'd been to ... *

Love the softness (and memories) she's able to come home to, after a hectic day. Sweet harmony.

A Travel Inspired Manhattan Home
Professional Project

8/3/11 02:07 PM

Love the old military-style desk (which is sometimes called a tanker desk) and chair. I was able to pick up one FREE locally on Craigslist. We just had to bring the truck. I'm even happier with my find, after seeing this.

Steel Case Desk & Chair - $400
Boston Scavenger

8/3/11 01:23 PM

Love everything about the decor. Is it me, or could some of the walls have been painted a color other than white? Just sayin'.

Blade & Amy’s Modern Miscellaneous
House Tour

7/11/11 10:05 PM

What a great idea to use the arc light over the table, when a chandelier isn't practical!

Rahul's Mix in Bushwick
House Call

7/5/11 10:23 PM

I think I just found the b & w striped rug!


Ella's Bright & Bold Bedroom
Room Tour

6/22/11 10:42 PM

Hello - Would you please tell me where I can find the black and white horizontal rugs in the bedroom? I've been looking all over for them, since seeing them in another post. Thank you.

Ella's Bright & Bold Bedroom
Room Tour

6/22/11 09:31 PM

Jeff - Thanks for the info on the stencil!

Jeff's Discerning Eye on a Limited Budget
House Call

6/11/11 11:39 PM

Jeff - I'm a Art Deco fan (in my heart of hearts), and I wonder where I might find the stencil for the "deco toothpaste tube border"? Was it custom made for you, or might it be available to those of us who admire what you've done in your bath?

Jeff's Discerning Eye on a Limited Budget
House Call

6/3/11 12:00 AM