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My husband and I love to listen to audio books while on road trips. LOVED Bill Bryson's Thunderbolt Kid! A recent favorite was Charlotte's Web read by the author E. B. White. It was just wonderful.

The Best Narrated Audio Books
3/12/12 10:13 PM


Armchair Quarterback by Doug Brown and Bren Ahearn
Design Showcase 2011

9/23/11 07:23 PM

Oops, after viewing all of the photos I realize the pillow says laugh. I liked UGH better. ;-)

The French Family's Playful Modern Home
House Tour

8/12/11 02:40 PM

I would love to know where that UGH pillow is from. I think I need it!

The French Family's Playful Modern Home
House Tour

8/12/11 02:35 PM

I love thrifting. I always remind myself that "anything could be anywhere"! I've gotten some great stuff that I never would have if I had to pay full price.

Strategies & Tips for Successful Thrift Store Shopping
7/13/11 11:25 AM

Umm....I have a grandfather clock that I dearly love, an antique hall tree in my foyer that holds hats, umbrellas, keys, and dog treats, and one of my favorite pieces is a pie safe with original green paint that I picked up off the side of the street (still amazes me to remember seeing it) in my south FL neighborhood. I'm starting to feel very old fashioned here! But I wouldn't trade my pieces for anything!

Once Ubiquitous Furnishings We've (Mostly) Left Behind
6/29/11 05:07 PM

I got two framed, signed Ansel Adams prints for $6 each at a thrift store, and sold them on eBay for just over $6,000. Score! Happy me, and two thrilled buyers. Win, win.

You Paid WHAT for That? Best Secondhand Finds Ever
6/21/11 02:42 PM

My parents had an orange Herman Miller shell chair that I always thought was ugly; I'm sure it must have been sold at a yard sale. It would have been perfect at my daughter's mid century house. Luckily they had saved a tile top coffee table (has a Made in Miami label on the bottom) and that is now at my daughter's house and it looks better at her house than it ever did at my parent's! I found one of my folk's lamps (again, HATED it as a teenager) at a Goodwill here in FL. I realized they had brought it from MI to FL when they bought a mobile home here to spend the winters at. When they sold the mobile home, the new owner must have donated the lamp. Now it's here in my living room and I'm not that crazy about it, but love it for the story!

I Can't Believe My Parents Got Rid Of (Insert Item Here)...
6/2/11 12:34 PM