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Space comes in multiple forms: silence, physical area, visual plainness. Bigger doesn't mean better or peaceful, nah. I recalled this VERY old piece (11 years) and it's still good, particularly as you get to pages 4-5. Happy we're riding this trend out.

The Ever Evolving American Dream: Size, Style & Amenities
7/16/11 10:27 AM

You NEVER have to keep up with the Joneses. Sometimes it takes great courage, just to live simply or remain in a modest house -- like living in small apartment. People make assumptions like you're poorer or not a professional, but if you're happier, financially sound, and carefree so what. In the end, you win.

The Ever Evolving American Dream: Size, Style & Amenities
7/16/11 08:39 AM

One consideration. Put down a piece of felt that won't be seen. Place some large clear glass or plexiglass accessories, like any big vases or jars you're not using. They will allow the light, and depending on how they're placed, may help block noise. I think you can only cut down on some noise, not block it entirely no matter what.

How to Create a "Door" in Noisy Loft?
Good Questions

7/7/11 07:43 PM

Love this piece. I like to consider small gadgets that make a big difference. Here is what I do in my tiny kitchen.
1) Use the fridge space as much as possible. My fridge is large so I store more than necessary in there, e.g., all boxes of almond milk before opening, cans of nuts, condiments that don't all need to be stored in there.
2) Lazy Susans in cupboards, as others said too.
3) White or glass dishes that can be displayed nicely if necessary. All my vases are white or clear and are on top of the cabinets. So it looks nice.
4) Magnetic menu rack on fridge for ordering take out and food coupons. Plus magnetic list on fridge.
5) Don't forget the drawer UNDER the oven for metal trays.

My Kitchen's 4 Most Helpful Small Organizational Tools
5/30/11 08:01 AM