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For your best stickers get some small frames. Put them up on the wall. For the rest of your stickers get a good size pocket photo album. Or several pocket books. Sort each sticker by group (sports, advertising, humor, location) When you get tired of the stickers on the wall switch them out with stickers in your books

How Can I Display My Sticker Collection?
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6/23/11 07:07 PM

My first thought was - where do you keep your books. My second thought, ask your self how many people live in the apartment and how often do you have guests? Do you really need seating for 7 people?

How To Arrange Furniture In Smaller Living Room?
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6/23/11 07:04 PM

I moved from my nice little house to this 600 sq foot apart just about 14 months ago. I did away with my entertainment center and re-purposed the coffee table. Changed out my kitchen table to an Ikea model with a hinged top. So if I do need a table that seats 4 I have it. My seats fold up and slide into the center. My living space is more about what I refuse to give up. My grandmother's ancient Hammond organ, and the doll house my grandfather gave me when I was 3. I use my also grandfather made toy box in place of a coffee table.

What Piece of Furniture Are You Willing to Do Without?
6/3/11 02:43 PM