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Also you could stay in a temporary rental (airbnb.com) while you look once you get there. That's what we're doing for our move.

How Do You Search for Apartments?
8/10/11 03:35 PM

I'm in the middle of a move to a different state too and have had the most luck on Craigslist but can't get a place secured until we're actually there in person because we don't really know the area. It would help to talk to someone who knows the neighborhoods. In that case, I rented in Minnieapolis a few years ago and absolutely LOVED it! People do use Craigslist there quite a bit. What area are you looking into?

How Do You Search for Apartments?
8/10/11 03:33 PM

Nothing says down to earth kitchen more than a stripper pole? (#2)

Down To Earth Kitchens
5/28/11 08:37 PM