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1) A month after I moved into my flat, the guy living next door to me came into my room through the balcony door at 1 am to watch me sleep. I rolled over in bed to see his face staring at me less than 2ft away. Police couldn't prove it was him because the prints on the balcony railing had been wiped down, and he didn't leave any inside.

2) After psycho stalker guy moved out, a LOUD pregnant couple moved in. The pregnant lady would chain smoke outside and the smoke would blow into my flat. THey would also turn the TV up really loud and yell at each other. I complained about their noise, and after that they started to throw food scraps, rubbish, and cigarette buts into my courtyard. After the baby was born, they put his crib in the wardrobe along our shared bedroom wall (which is pretty thin), and I was woken up at least 3 times per night by the baby crying. If she was in the house by herself, she would let the baby cry inside (for up to an hour!) while she was outside smoking.

3) DOGS (and their owners) who let them poo anywhere and everywhere (usually in the garden in the common area outside my flat), and leave the dogs at home during the day letting them yap for 8 hours on the balcony.

4) Loud music and parties. One neighbour sings to Justin Beiber until 4 in the morning, has 12 hour parties over the weekends, and gets drunk and talks/sings/yells with her friends on weeknights. I don't sleep much.

Get Off My Lawn: Neighbor Pet Peeves
5/28/11 12:02 AM