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We decided to go with a vinyl privacy fence because of its durability and low maintenance (no power washing or restaining for us!). I didn't want feel like I was in a plastic fortress, so we did a modified picket version, which was pricier.

All told, 186 feet of 5 foot high fence, including two gates. Installation, permitting, dirt/material hall = $10K. I nearly cried when the estimate came in but it matches the pristine exterior of our home, and its the number one safeguard for our two dogs.

How Much Did it Cost to Build a Wooden Privacy Fence? Reader Intelligence Request
6/13/14 11:24 AM


Fearless, original decor.

Valorie's Bold New Orleans Home House Tour
6/4/14 12:41 PM

comfort! hands down.

i LOVE the rug in the picture! where from? if you don't mind my asking...

good luck!

Sofa Wars: 2 Sofas in 1 Living Room
6/2/11 03:21 PM

I also agree - keep the existing wood, but if you'd like something more ornate, I would stencil a simple, small pattern (think petite morrocan or damask) in a metallic. Bold coloured fabric choice for the seats. Viola!

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5/27/11 11:40 AM