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Hi - I wrote the ajvar column for NPR's Kitchen Window and I'm delighted more people are wanting to make ajvar at home. As I mention in my piece - it's a dish enjoyed *all across the Balkans*. In my world, food is about bringing people together, not about dwelling on contested geo-political frameworks. So roast your peppers, mince your garlic and get your ajvar on - then share it with as many people from as many nations & territories as you possibly can.

Ajvar: Serbia's Smoky, Garlicky Roasted Red Pepper Spread
6/11/11 08:28 PM

Hi everybody - Julia here - thanks for the all comments. At this stage, our entire house is still a work-in-progress. We're still living out of boxes and the backyard is a recovering construction site, that's why more window views are not included! I'd be happy to share some 'after'-after pics once we've un-packed our things and made this new space feel more like our home. If only I could find the boxes w/ my cookbooks! Right now we're just chilling after many months' labor.

To address a few questions:

It may help to look at the 'before' and 'after' pics with this in mind: where you now see the new island sink was roughly where our old house (and kitchen wall) ended. So as AT mentions, we knocked down the entire back wall of our house + pushed out 15ft into the backyard.

Yes, it did cost about $2,600 for the Caesarstone island countertop and the IKEA butcher block, 3 ft wide x 11ft long, as well as the butcher block shelf above the counter. That includes installation of the kitchen island - IKEA charged us an extra $400 to cut the counter to fit w/ the under-mount sink we bought. (We cut and installed the butcher-block. ) I agree it's a lot of money, no matter how you slice it.

The 8 month time-frame includes not just the kitchen re-model (which is also a big addition) but also adding a 2nd floor with 3 BR/2 BA as well. Plus adam did all the siding, his dad did all the bathroom tile, i did the painting, etc. more on that to come...

the one window visible in the picture is the one with the least light... but it is an anderson window and the trim on that one is all re-purposed doug fir from our old house trim.

since the pic was taken, we've added another display shelf above the one you see in the pic, and some day they'll be a lovely mix of useful + beautiful things on those shelves.

Before & After: Julia & Adam's Budget Bungalow Kitchen
5/27/11 01:26 PM