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What a beautifully-designed bike. I'd love to replace my 20+ year-old hand-me-down with this!

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11/30/11 12:57 PM

My last apartment was beautiful, but was unfortunately located next door to an inner-city gas station where people hung out at all hours of the day due to the fact that they sold single cigs there. The last straw (no, the car alarms, fights and screaming didn't do it) was when someone tried setting the gas station on fire.

At my current apartment, my downstairs neighbor (who makes it known that he hates dogs) calls my landlord to complain about barking coming from my apartment when my dog isn't even there. Luckily, my landlord is a huge dog lover and is on to his tricks.

Get Off My Lawn: Neighbor Pet Peeves
5/26/11 07:40 PM