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this is just adorable!

Playful Moon Cradle by Creme Anglaise
4/25/12 05:21 PM

I just made one of these (not as pretty as the one in the picture) but fantastic for a first try. all the materials cost me less than $15 and a sore thumb and index finger (sewing machine broke, cannot find thimble) I really want a giant Tortoro one so if anyone has a pattern, please post!

25 Handmade Floor Cushions, Poufs, and Bean Bags
Etsy Roundup

11/28/11 06:08 PM

I love them. I'm making a set to give to a co-worker that is expecting

My Love-Hate Relationship With Bookplates
9/29/11 04:29 PM

so cute!

Baby Shower Gift — Sushi?
Creative Dollar

8/29/11 03:25 PM

i think its an awesome way to celebrate. the husband did this video and had it playing at her birthday party.

Tips and Inspiration for a Baby Compilation Video
Good Questions

8/8/11 02:13 PM

bring a firm pillow for the baby to lay on across your lap. I do not like the bassinet seats 1) they are usually in the middle aisle so its hard to cover up both sides when breastfeeding 2) you don't get the extra space to stretch out your legs. also bring/wear a wrap so you can use it to cover yourself and bring a couple of large safety pins so you can pin the wrap up if you need to create a screen. the window seats are best! bring a few changes of comfortable clothes for the baby and lots of ziplock bags and diaper wipes

Tips for Flying With A Lap Child
7/14/11 06:27 PM


A Dad-Built Backyard Rocketship
My Great Outdoors

6/20/11 04:02 PM

omg, I want one

Play Kitchen And Market Stall
IKEA Hackers

6/16/11 04:42 PM

maybe try covering the surface with drawer liner? they're removable and come in clear or pretty patterns

Keeping laminate Ikea surfaces clean
Good Questions

5/26/11 01:06 PM