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very pretty!

Reclaimed Lumber Orchid Planters
9/27/11 12:22 PM

my apartment isn't too bad. my downstairs neighbor smokes but i just close the balcony door for 5 minutes when it sporadically drifts into my apt & it's ok. the old neighbor in that apt smoked weed & would only play music between 11pm-3 am, so when the building manager didn't do anything about it, i just called the cops and he had sooo many problems he moved out :)

the only problem now is a neighbor from another building close by that honks his horn for God knows at about 7 am. I can't figure out who it is, so I don't know exactly what to do, but it seems that several neighbors including myself basically take turns yelling out the window at them. Works too :)

the weirdest was at my old apt, when my downstairs neighbor came to my door at 8 am one weekday saying there was leak in her living room (the apt layouts are the same) and so it must be coming from our apt. she wanted to come into my apt and look around to find it. i just looked at her like she was crazy. i said we have anything in our living room that could leak, so it must be a pipe. i told her if the building management hires someone to come fix it, then they can come into my apt to fix it only if they need to come into my apt to reach the pipe. but you are not coming into my house searching for a leak at 8 am while i am getting ready for work. who thinks leaks come from the neighbors and not pipes? and who goes to bother the neighbors about this rather than the building management? and finally, who asks to INSPECT their living room to find the leak, as if she has right to come into my home. and this was the first conversation i had ever had with this woman. it was also the last b/c she was genuinely crazy and i didn't tolerate it. i also moved away about a month later.

just speak up, people! nothing will get better without being firm. you're not the ones being rude, they are. you just can't let them do this stuff to you.

Get Off My Lawn: Neighbor Pet Peeves
5/25/11 04:09 PM