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Oh, and pyjamas with feet. Maybe my babies have freakishly short legs or something, but they never fit right.

Nursery Nevers: Products You'd Never Purchase Again Nesting a Nursery
4/1/12 11:33 AM

Wish we hadn't purchased:
- crib (all 4 kids have slept with us or on a futon mattress in our bedroom until they got their own beds); agree with the pp who said a king-sized bed would have been a much better investment
- breast pump, nipple shields (wait and see how things go first if you're planning to bf)
- baby towels
- baby bathtub
- cloth nappies
- diaper bag (a big purse or backpack works fine)
- most toys (esp. anything with lights and/or sounds)

Never had a changing table and never missed it (a basket or tote can hold spare nappies, wipes, cream, etc.)

Nursery Nevers: Products You'd Never Purchase Again Nesting a Nursery
4/1/12 10:49 AM

What about the Gothic Chairs by Moooi? http://www.moooi.com/producten/262-gothic-chair.html

Recommend Chairs For This Dining Table?
Good Questions

6/6/11 08:07 AM

Don't know if Mercadier products are available where you are (http://mercadier.fr/Beton-Cire-Mercadier.html), but their concrete flooring comes in a fantastic range of colours. It can be used by anyone with a little experience. -- Pick something that contrasts with the wood floor upstairs but goes with your other colours. In our last house, we had light-ish wood upstairs and a salmon colour concrete floor downstairs.

Should We Try To Match Laminate Flooring To Existing Hardwood?
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6/5/11 08:49 AM

The round hanging "plume" light by Mat & Jewski. http://www.matejewski.com/a_catal/luminaires/plume-suspension.html

Entry Light Fixture To Compliment Orbit Chandelier?
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5/24/11 11:20 AM