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I'm having the same problem with two 70's style side-tables. The white paint that was on them is starting to chip off. I debated sanding them, but after talking to some people I think I'm just going to give them a coat or two of high-gloss white paint. I agree with modernguy, I think it's all about keeping the furniture looking as nice as possible, so if you have to paint it, so be it!

Should I Paint Vintage Arne Jacobsen Ant Chairs?
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7/20/11 01:12 PM

Sundays have officially become my days to clean and I thoroughly enjoy them. For some reason it just puts me in a good mood and it's nice to start the week with a fresh start. I also think I'm a bid OCD and I agree with cakegirl, I could NEVER get into an unmade bed. My bf thought I was crazy but he's starting to become just as picky!

What Inspires You to Clean?
7/18/11 04:17 PM

I could totally see white as well. Especially with a re-done blacksplash, possibly a nice silver or even natural glass. Keeping it neutral would really allow you to up the color things like barstools, toasters, and small appliances.

Then again, if you want to really make those countertops pop, you could go with some kind of funky IKEA red or even a darker brown/stained wood.

Paint Color Suggestions For Kitchen Cabinets?
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7/18/11 01:14 PM

I like the idea of the Parvez Taj print, but maybe since it's a room that you and your family spend a lot of time in you could make something like it on a canvas? You could add as much color as you want and then you can know that it actually MEANS something. A diptych might be nice just to give a little more interest too.

Suggestions for Filling Blank Wall?
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7/7/11 02:14 PM

did you try Google Goggles?

Help Identify Purple Floral Wallpaper?
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6/1/11 06:19 PM

I am actually going through this same issue only my couch is a different IKEA make. I'm really considering a mustard yellow or coral. Something springy, bold and bright but not obnoxious.

Suggest Colors For Throw Pillows On Couch?
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5/23/11 01:26 PM