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Absolutely perfect. I love everything about it....

Robb and Jamie's Schoolhouse Flat House Tour
6/3/14 01:05 PM

oh la la! I love it!

Will & Rebekah's Traditional with a Twist in Paris House Tour
5/22/14 01:34 PM

I LOVE!!! (your neighbor in Sherman Oaks)...:)

Allison's Silver Lake Charmer With a View House Tour
5/21/14 02:01 PM

Just wonderful....love. And I'm glad to see I'm not the only one with more than one Fiddle Leaf Fig...:) Great floors too...

Erin's Modern Loft House Tour
5/13/14 03:48 PM

I can't really tell but it's definitely better than it was yesterday.....and that big picture at the top? Not loving that so much either, but I'll get used to it I guess....like when AT redid their layout last time...

Font Change! Baskerville is out for text, Georgia is in... May 2014 Relaunch
5/9/14 09:35 PM

Oh my gosh....those floors! And the color pops! And the bags! And the yellow accents....and......I love!!!!!!

Sibylle's Flea Market Style in Berlin House Tour
5/2/14 02:33 PM

I want the brown bucket bag in the first photo! Ha ha.......source? :)

Hallways, Nooks & Corners: Inspiration for Your Home's Odd Spaces
4/27/14 01:43 PM

I seriously admire your bold choice of paint colors - I loved them all, especially the lavender in the dining room. Well done...:)

Emily & Andrew's Colorful New Orleans Home House Tour
4/25/14 12:15 PM

I thought I'd never be able to grow a fiddle leaf tree, given all the information out there - lighting, watering, being finicky. I took my chances and bought two nice one-trunk trees and put them in my living room with pretty constant indirect northern light throughout the day. After much moving around, I finally found out that what really needs to be 'spot on' with these guys to do well is truly...lighting and water. In just the perfect way. That's what makes them 'finicky', I guess. They have found the perfect spot and they are growing 1 to 2 leaves a week and I let the pot dry out and water about every 2 weeks. Plus I have added a little bit of Miracle Gro plant food to the water now that it's spring. I would remove these brown leaves if they are towards the bottom of the trunk near the dirt anyway as they are old. However, if these are towards the top, you might need to just suck it up until you get some more new growth after you've futzed around and found the right lighting situation. I'm telling you, I love my two guys - I've named them 'Orla' and 'Kiely' (they look like her logo) and if I could learn how to notch them to make them bushier, that'd be great but I'm afraid I'd hack up a perfectly good plant. Anyway, what I want to say is that it looks like perhaps your plant looks like it suffered from too much watering and improper lighting. Hope this helps.

Can I Save My Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant? Good Questions
4/21/14 01:25 PM

Hee hee - I'd totally be scared too!! I look around my place and I love it and then I think 'no way.' Meh. Oh well. I like this place too. Pacific Heights is phenom....

Jennifer's Sunny San Francisco Victorian House Call
4/19/14 06:56 PM

uh...can you say 'dream'.....?

Jennifer's Sunny San Francisco Victorian House Call
4/19/14 05:26 PM

I love the tour...I'm a bit confused though because there are so many comments dated 'a year ago'. This is an old tour? Hmmmm.......

Joe & Brad's Small Space with Big Style House Tour
4/12/14 01:03 AM

definitely staggered

What's the Best Tile Layout For My Bathroom?: Straight or Staggered?
4/11/14 10:35 AM

Ooh - thanks! :)

Nancy & Andy's Colorful, Handcrafted Home House Tour
4/9/14 02:07 AM

Lovely! Hey, is that hot pink cover a primaloft blanket in the bedroom?

Nancy & Andy's Colorful, Handcrafted Home House Tour
4/8/14 01:50 PM

I love the floors. I was going to ask where company sits in the living room, though? I appreciate the spaciousness...

Mikola and Randall's Modern and Airy Small Space House Tour
4/4/14 09:52 PM

I can't wait until April 2.....

5 Reasons You Should Be Using Plastic Furniture Covers Right Now
4/1/14 09:23 PM

Dabney you're busy today.....

HBO's Girls Limited Edition Sound Machine from Sharper Image TECH TEST LAB REVIEW
4/1/14 11:41 AM

hee hee - so funny. I hate this holiday though. Look at the wee little fridge! :) A cup of milk and half a dozen eggs.....

New Generation of Appliances Targets Small Space Renters
4/1/14 11:40 AM

very funny.....

Target Announces Next Collaboration: Kimye Design News
4/1/14 11:39 AM