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Gorgeous and inspiring! I loved the frosted glass tiles on the bath. They look more contemporary in an align pattern rather than the traditional brick/subway pattern.

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6/11/11 10:20 PM

I never thought about that. I love kiwi and sometimes I take fruits to my job for snacks but I always avoid the kiwis because of the mess. Now I can do it!

Kiwi Push Pops! The Most Fun Way to Eat a Kiwi
6/2/11 07:08 PM

I love the counter top of the first picture. it looks like concrete. I can picture those subway tiles on the backsplash in glass instead of ceramic and also in a frosted finish.

Subway Tile In The Kitchen
5/30/11 09:34 PM

I like the colorful floor tile pattern although I wouldn't put in my house I believe it would make a nice commercial bathroom floor such as a bar and so.

Tile Trend Watch: Inspiring & Unexpected Creations
5/30/11 09:16 PM