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At our company,, we recommend the use of museum quality plexi and acrylic over glass as it's shatterproof, lightweight, clear and distortion free, enhances the richness of line and color in your image and is always acid free. @LynnDunham my guess is your issue was with the thickness of the acrylic. For UV, you want the thickness to be at least 3/32". True, if you're framing charcoal or pastel drawings you must protect the work from static pull by either using a fixative on the art work or incorporating the use of an acrylic spacer between the art and the plexi. Re: scratches, Novus makes a product called "Clean & Shine" which works beautifully, and @HayleyMiller, the cost of an 8 x 10 piece of standard plex should be closer to $3.00.

Framing Artwork: Glass vs. Plexiglass
5/23/12 04:19 PM