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My desk is in the corner of my bedroom, and I find it helps when I place my Japanese style screen behind my chair as to isolate my workspace from my relaxing space.

It helps me focus, since I get rid of all outside distractions!

Make Your Home Office Feel More Like a Workplace
9/20/11 06:04 PM

You can make a mixture of baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) and water, put it in a spray bottle, and spray it on an unfinished surface to achieve the weathered look. Takes about 20-30 minutes to work!

How To: Refresh Teak Furniture
9/7/11 04:34 PM

Forgive me for being pedantic, but how exactly do you go about nailing it into the wall with the bucket in the way?

Coathooks In The Can
5/25/11 04:50 PM