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the wall with zig zag makes me think of Charlie Brown :)

Oscar and Abel's Golden Nursery
Small Kids, Big Color Entry #29

12/1/11 10:20 PM

aaaand I just read where she has already responded...sorry.

Use Paint Chips to Create Wall Art
9/16/11 02:07 AM

I've seen the bottom picture (the framed one) else where and for her paint chips she was given a book/box of paint chips from a paint store. She did not go and choose each of those paint chips from local stores. Just saying.

Use Paint Chips to Create Wall Art
9/16/11 02:05 AM

Pricey and only about 2 of them look comfortable. I think I'll stick with gliders, thanks.

10 Modern Rocking Chairs

8/25/11 09:49 AM