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Sorry Barilla is operated by a homophobic right winger who I refuse to give money to. The company itself may attempt to mitigate his words, but giving money to them gives money to him.


Recipe: Orecchiette with Broccoli Rabe & Sausage Barilla Collezione
7/8/14 10:18 AM

I use to have a friend who made these slow cooked scrambled eggs... Low flame, constant movement adding more butter repeatedly until they were amazing. Like custard almost. I have seen it and tried to replicate it, but still haven't managed it.

The Best Scrambled Eggs I've Ever Eaten Kitchen Diaries: Kate in New York City
5/6/14 01:12 PM

I love that you are allowing us to revisit posts Dana. As I reread this I thought about "comfort foods". Those meals we seek out when we want comfort. most of them are "nothing special" (at least in my case). It's the meaning or memory that make them special.

Weekend Meditation: It Doesn't Always Have to be Fabulous Weekend Meditation
3/30/14 09:33 AM

OH the joy of being interrupted. I sometimes try to find intentional ways to interrupt my habits and patterns before they get too ingrained; before I become convinced they are THE "right" way to do something. Sometimes it isn't until after they are interrupted that I notice how ingrained they are.

YAY for the chance of beginner's mind that a dog brings.. but sorry for the barf on the couch :)

A Very Sweet and Charming Disruption Weekend Meditation
2/23/14 11:23 AM

My mistake comes when I use the kitchen as a way to escape too. In this world where feeling "bad" (sad, depressed, anxious, angry, etc...) is never allowed or accepted, I have found all kinds of ways to escape that. Including the kitchen. So yes, the kitchen is one of those places where we are called to pay attention and be mindful, but be careful the double edged sword doesn't cut the other way.

Another wonderful bit to chew on for awhile and see what juices may come. Thanks Dana.

How I Nudge Myself into Being Mindful (and End Up with Dinner!) Weekend Meditation
1/19/14 09:19 AM

Nothing beats your own tastebuds.. Taste your food as it's cooking. Taste it before you add something and then after.. Know what herbs and seasonings taste like. Begin to try to see what flavors you can pick out of food others make for you. It is all about training your tastebuds..

Advice for Learning How to Season Food? Good Questions
1/15/14 03:17 PM

Every year I tell everyone not to get me anything because I don't have room, and don't need anything, etc. (I usually include the encouragement to give to a charity in my name)... This year someone bought me a lovely sweater... When I asked about it (feeling a bit guilty for not buying them anything) she said to me, "I bought this because now when you wear it you will think of me, and I like the idea of you thinking of me. When I bought it I thought of you, I like having the chance to think of you." Lovely sentiment and makes me consider changing my rigid stance.

All the Many Delicious, Helpful, Thoughtful, Interesting, Beautiful Things Weekend Meditation
1/12/14 10:16 AM

Thanksgiving also means isolation and deeper loneliness for some people. Some of us are excluded from family either by distance or dysfunction. Some of us have lost so much of our tribe we no longer have the "family of choice" to rely on. Some of us don't get invited, but find ways to invite ourselves along. Feeling somewhat included but also excluded too.

We can still be grateful, but it's posts like this that further the expectation that there is something wrong with us because our world doesn't look like this and so we spend our holidays feeling alone, isolated and broken too, because we aren't having the experience we are suppose to have.

A Beautiful Day Weekend Meditation
12/1/13 11:49 AM

Sometimes taking a look at today in reflection with the past is a good way to notice change. Especially when I feel "stuck" or am particularly convinced of the permanence of something. (It/me will always/has always be/been like this). A sure fire way to notice that while some things may still look somewhat similar there is always a shift, always difference, always newness. This post was particularly helpful for me today. Thanks :)

Washing-Up Buddha, Revisited Weekend Meditation
9/29/13 12:04 PM

I love a good mess. There is something grande about it. Something awesome. And yes, if it happened every time I cooked, I might not cook as much, but luckily it only happens once in awhile and I can really appreciate it then.

Joy and Freedom of Trashing Your Kitchen Weekend Meditation
9/8/13 09:57 AM

I often remind my friends (and also myself) that when I visit I am coming to see them, not their house. Unless it's unusual, I don't even notice the state of the house.

Thanks for the reminder.

How to Be Ready for Anything Weekend Meditation
8/11/13 11:33 AM

I never understood this whole siracha craze.. Why do I need to eat things that stop me from tasting what I am eating.. Blech...

I will stick with my own must haves Gamasio (Roasted Sea Salt and Sesame Seeds), Best Foods Mayo, Heinz Ketchup, and a couple of different types of mustard and the usual salt and pepper. Fish Sauce, Chili Sauce, and Pickle Relish are also often there as well.

The New Sriracha? 25 Condiments That Could Be the Next Must-Have Thing Food News
6/3/13 11:07 AM

I really want to try the Ginger Ale, and Cider.. ANd well basically all the non-alcoholic things I can make... :)

Enter to Win a Copy of True Brews by Emma Christensen Cookbook Giveaway on The Kitchn
5/23/13 01:39 PM

I once had a friend who told me that "unstructured time was essential, perhaps more essential than sleep...". It came at a very important time when I was trying to find my rhythm in a new situation. This time when there are no expectations, no deadlines, no places I have to be, no one I have to meet has become what I set my schedule around. Before I make appointments, or commitments, I notice where is the unstructured time, and will I have enough.

Thanks for the reminder Dana.

How a Bowl of Bread Dough Can Teach Us the Way to Live Weekend Meditation
5/19/13 10:44 AM

I am sorry but grits and polenta are NOT the same thing.. Grits are made from Hominy.. which is corn treated with Alkali This changes the flavor and structure.. And NEVER use quick cook grits.. that's just nasty.

Grits, Demystified: A Brief Look at a Southern Staple
5/17/13 02:11 AM

When I have shared homes with folks, I usually prefer the "family" sharing style. Which basically is.. We share whatever we have - each contributes what they can to a family budget which then buys all the "essentials" including most food... If we buy something that we want to keep "personal" or save for a special occasion we mark it as such. If someone buys something for the house (say your out and stop by the farmer's market and get a bunch of really yummy fresh stuff).. the person is reimbursed from the budget...

I have never had a problem with this arrangement because it's based on folks contributing what they can and sharing what they have.. and it helps when we enjoyed eating together when possible.

Do You Share a Kitchen with Roommates?
Here's a Helpful Tip to Foster Good Will

5/14/13 10:58 AM

I remember a saying once.. "When faced with a tough choice.. flip a coin...Not because it will tell you what to do, but because at the height of the coin... you will know which one you want most."

Thinning is important. Spring Cleaning.... Shaking off the cobwebs and starting a new.. Where do I need sunshine?

Thanks Dana

The Wisdom of the Thinning Season Weekend Meditation
5/12/13 10:32 AM

I love to cook this way. Yes it's nice to have everything laid out and thought out, etc. But sometimes, especially with leftovers, it's great to just see where the tastebuds take you. Sometimes it says more about your state of mind, then you knew before you started.

Thanks for the reminder.

An Uncomplicated and Bold Way to Cook Weekend Meditation
4/28/13 10:21 AM

I woke up thinking about this same thing, except my song was "Good Morning Starshine" http://youtu.be/gkav2kjB0qc

Emerging Weekend Meditation
3/31/13 10:45 AM

The mind of scarcity.. On one hand it is valuable. It encourages us to recycle, use up leftovers, use as much of our food as we can. On the other hand, it can become obsessive. It can suck all the pleasure from what we are doing.

I have been experimenting lately with wearing my life loosely. By that I mean trying not to go too far one way or the other. I don't want to become overindulgent and spoiled, and I don't want to live like there never is enough. I don't want to live clenched up, nor so loose that I don't make decisions, plans or structure.

THanks for the reminder of balance...

Don't Wait Weekend Meditation
3/17/13 10:21 AM