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If you have people over and expect them to take off thier shoes, it's important to let them know in advance...then they aren't at your door worrying about their big toe peeking out of their mismatched socks, or worse :) unpainted toes. It also saves the person who thinks it's rude/inconvenient to opt for not coming.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | What Are Your House Rules?
11/5/08 11:17 AM

I think this is the link to the shed in it's original state -- unpainted and without the french doors.

Apartment Therapy New York | Outdoor Office
7/15/08 07:55 AM


Apartment Therapy New York | Thursday Giveaway: Eames Molded Plywood Lounge Chair in Red
7/10/08 10:53 AM

I bought 2 cedar chairs from -- you have to assemble them, but they've survived 2 summers, lots of parties, and we kept them outside during the winter (NY) -- I think they were $75 each!

Apartment Therapy New York | Cottage Classics Adirondack Collection at Target
6/16/08 10:55 AM

- Crate and Barrel bar
- Podium -- this was very funny to use during an argument
- Great wrought iron patio chairs
- armoire (the homeless guy who helped me lug it down the street stole a drawer then tried to sell it back to me the next day)
- bike -- just needed new tires and and oil on the chain
- books
- so much more...

Apartment Therapy New York | Survey: Best Trash FindsWashington DC
6/10/08 07:20 AM

Since people have started to move into those buildings, I've been wondering -- don't the track lights that seem to be on ALL the time drive you crazy and ruin your evening view of the city?

Apartment Therapy New York | NY Good Questions: What Should I Do To My Balcony?
6/6/08 12:52 PM

My favorite review descibed a scene with everyone falling over..."The problem appears to be that your weight must be placed all the way to the rear of the chair, or else the chair zips out from underneath you like a rocket."

...but they are cute.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Hot or Not? Retro Patio Furniture from Target
6/3/08 11:33 AM

Considering the ratio of women to men voting, who would doubt results that say women aren't pack rats.
Who me? No way! :)

Apartment Therapy New York | Friday Survey: Women are Packrats, Men are Minimalists?
5/30/08 01:19 PM

On my side of the bed -- so I can taunt my husband with my "cooler" side of the room.

Apartment Therapy New York | Thursday Giveaway: Flokati Rug from Rugs USA
5/29/08 10:41 AM

This is probably a not very transparent attempt from Laurie Hickson-Smith to get more people to look at her ugly designs.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Blogging... Trading Spaces Epsiode 13
4/29/08 11:50 AM

After a year of thinking my investment in a front loader was a waste, everyone's advice to leave the door open has changed everything! I have fresh smelling towels again.

Thanks so much for posting this and to everyone for your comments.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Mold and mildew in the washer?OC Register 4.4.08
4/17/08 07:41 AM

I love books in the bathroom, but in my new apartment, the bathroom is so small it gets very steaming with each shower. The books got moldy and I had to throw them out.

Apartment Therapy New York | AT Europe: Books in the Bathroom from Elle Décoration
4/17/08 07:29 AM

Fantastic. Jealous of your shoe rack. Really great design.

Apartment Therapy New York | East #19: Tony and Hilary's 3 in 1 Studio
4/15/08 11:19 AM

I loved the wall, mirror and sconce combo and wanted to see more of that theme throughout.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Northwest #8: Maggie's Bombshelter
4/15/08 10:59 AM

I wish it was part of a dog loves to sleep in the crook of my knees and I've heard that cats love to sleep on/around people's necks. What about a pillow breasts?

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Hug Me Pillow
2/25/08 10:56 AM