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Actually, you probably used the greenest method of effective control for dry wood termites. Heat, freezing, and other non-chemical methods work great for many other pests, but since dry wood termites can infest deep within a structure, chemical means are your most effective method. Vikane, and other fumigant pesticides, although highly toxic in concentration, will leave no residue or remaining gases to be worried about. In effect, once the tent is removed and the house can air out, the gases disappate into the atmosphere. Sprays, fogs, and other pesticides will leave behind traces that you will be exposed to.

Any Truly Green Alternatives to Termite Tenting?
10/19/11 01:27 PM

My wife thinks it's odd that I salt my watermelon. I've yet to get her to try it though. Once she does, I bet she'll be hooked.

Sweet & Salty: 5 Ideas for Adding a Pinch of Salt to Fruit
6/22/11 04:18 PM

@Mhartman, for mosquitoes you need to remove breeding sites as best possible. Anywhere where standing water can collect is suspect. That will definintely cut down on the number of mosquitoes but won't totally eliminate them. Protecting yourself and family with a proven mosquito repellent should also be done. Don't bother with the home remedies found online. Research shows that most have little to no effect. See the CDC website on repellents for more info.


An Eco-Friendly Covered Sandbox
My Great Outdoors

6/9/11 03:18 PM

It looks like the curtain extends over to the toilet. Although it might only create privacy on the one side. Someone that would live here probably doesn't care about privacy anyway.

Rooftop Bathroom: Would You? Could You?!
6/6/11 03:01 PM

The only problem I see with this setup is tilting. I guess you could build the upper and lower cleats with different materials to get a certain angle, but it wouldn't be adjustable. Otherwise, very inventive!

If you're not up for this and looking for a tv mount that won't break the bank, check out monoprice.com I recently got a tilt mount for my LCD for under $20. It took about 30 minutes and the thing was up and running. Nice and sturdy too!

You'll most likely need new wiring and monoprice has great cables for cheap as well.

Ok monoprice, where's my free stuff for endorsing your site! lol

The No-Cost Way to Mount a Flat-Screen TV
5/17/11 01:51 PM

Don't use a pesticide. I'm an entomologist and they are most likely fungus gnats. However, you should do some basic image searches just to be sure. Other possibilities are fruit flies and drain flies; all easy to tell apart. Are they hovering around the plants or other areas in the house?

For control of fungus gnats, do not use pesticides. Let the soil dry out and that usually takes care of them just fine. In heavier instances, the sand on top of the soil will work. BT is an option, but it can be expensive.

You should never tackle a pest problem with chemical measures until non-chemical approaches have failed to manage the pest. With flies, it's simply removing the breeding site, or altering it's conditions to stop breeding.

Good luck

Help! I Got New Plants and Now I Have Black Flies!
Good Question

5/17/11 01:36 PM