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I don't understand what people are saying about Boston being a "universal" Sept 1 city. It's certainly not policy, even if it seems like that in student areas.

If you want to live where students live, expect problems finding places before the new year. You might sublet to bridge the gap, but a better option is to expand your search.

Try the Easts-- East Boston, East Cambridge, East Somerville. Or the Northern M's: Medford, Malden, Melrose.

If you take the T to work/school, try to avoid transfers. 30 min sitting with a book is a lot nicer than 20 min of rushing from orange to red to green.

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11/1/11 11:04 AM

$875 of the cost was for flooring. That definitely changed my perspective on the after photo. Definitely looks bigger, brighter, and more pleasant to be in.

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5/16/11 06:11 PM