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I hurt my back dragging a big air conditioner up 3 flights a few years back. And I can't find my bathing suit from my most recent move. Where the heck is it?
After I hurt my back, I got smart and and hired pros. Really, there comes a time in one's life when you shouldn't be asking your friends to help you move for pizza and beer. Shea moving in nyc has been awesome. They've moved me twice. The last time, they came in under the estimate and helped me find someone to help me unpack some stuff. I can't say enough good stuff about them. Honest and hard working.

What's Your Worst Moving Horror Story?
8/1/11 06:53 PM

"All the movable elements are based on built-in electronic engines, that guarantee safe operation."
It's not clear from the notes on DSGN if the house is off the grid, or if doors can be opened if the power goes out. It kind of defeats the purpose if the house depends on electricity from an outside source. Maybe I read it wrong?

Would You Live in This Safe House?
6/7/11 08:08 PM

Also, is that the only way you can get to the rest of the apartment? Through the kitchen? If there is access otherwise, you may want to consider closing off that door, if you can. See architect note above, though.

How Can We Open Up Our Kitchen?
Good Questions

5/27/11 10:23 AM

The column is probably holding up the beam that runs along the length of the apartment. Moving that isn't much of an option, without a friend on the co-op board and spending $2-5K on an architect. The plans should also be submitted for a permit from the city, which could take some time, unless you hire an expediter.
Also, the sink side looks like it only has about 24" of usable counter space above the dishwasher. I guess you could count the 6-8" next to the stove, but that's hard to cook with. If you take the wall out, you'll be left with no usable counter space- assuming this is a galley type kitchen with a run of counter space on the opposite side.
I'd want to know what's behind the sophets. My guess is another beam and maybe some electrical. It's possible that you could put in taller cabinets that build around whatever you find in the sophets. You'll regain space and give the kitchen a cleaner look. Custom cabinets cost money, but will be a fraction of the cost of hiring a licensed contractor in the city.
Open shelving might work if you're on a budget, but you better have nice stuff to display!
Maybe just changing the back splash and floor tiling would make the place look a lot better. It's possible that those might be Ikea cabinets, unless it's a sponsor unit. If they are Ikea, you could inexpensively change the faces of them. I'd go white. If they're not Ikea and you're handy and have a place to do it, you could refinish or paint the faces.
Someone mentioned better lighting. That alone could make it look much, much better.

How Can We Open Up Our Kitchen?
Good Questions

5/27/11 10:18 AM

We designed our bathroom around the Restoration Hardware cabinet because we liked it so much. The problem is that R.H. hasn't had the cabinet in stock, all year. We were originally told we'd get it sometime in February. We believed what we were told. Every few weeks, they call us to tell us the ship date has been pushed back. Currently, they say it's supposed to ship at the end of July.

We're considering something else, but we'll have to adjust the tiles and a light fixture. So, no mirror and we get stuck with the bill for changing everything for a new mirror.


An Apothecary Style Bathroom
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5/16/11 06:02 PM