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beautiful job on the crib and the bunting is a fun pop of color and texture!

My Room: Baby Bishop
Staunton, VA

11/1/11 04:17 PM

I used the bouncy seat in the bathroom until she outgrew it then I switched it out for the exersaucer and some cheerios. Once she outgrew that I put her in her crib with some board books for rest time" and took the video monitor in the bathroom with me to keep an eye on her. I have no idea what I'll do once she's out of her crib. I'll probably have to get up really early and shower before my husband leaves for work at the crack of dawn.

How's a New Mom Supposed to Get a Shower?
10/14/11 09:35 AM

You can convert just about any fixture into a plug-in. A local lighting store will do it for you for pretty inexpensively.

Ideas for Plug-In Ceiling Fixtures for a Kid's Room
Good Questions

9/16/11 04:04 PM

I'm very sensitive to the SIDS issue as we lost my nephew to it, however I feel like very child is different. My daughter is a wild sleeper and I shudder to think how many times she would have whacked her head on the crib or gotten her arms and legs stuck in the slats with out it. SIDS isn't always caused by a bumper so are they going to also ban pillows, blankets, and stuffed animals too? People just need to use their best judgment and some common sense.

News: Chicago Bans Sale of Crib Bumpers
9/14/11 04:26 PM

they sell the 3-D flowers on amazon

My Room: Mila
Corpus Christi, TX

7/18/11 06:52 PM

We have a creek behind our house with very steep drop off. We put a fence this summer and I feel a million times better. It's the best piece of mind.

Safety Ideas for a Small Creek Near the House
Good Questions

7/15/11 04:47 PM