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This is a great approach - especially to choose similar-looking pieces of art that are large-scale. It inspires me to do something similar with some of my son's artwork... instead of cute animals and pictures, though, it's light saber battles and race cars!

A Go Big Grid of Kid Wall Art
Velvet & Linen

9/12/11 03:16 PM

Oh, I love this giraffe! So much more interesting and sophisticated than your usual wall decal. Off to check out the rest!

Little Lion Studio
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8/8/11 07:26 PM

We have a "grown-up" coat rack in our house that we actually inhertied with the house and did not want to keep, but it has become the most practical thing! It really helps keep things off the floor! And now with three little boys I'm thinking we need to branch into one or two (or three!) of these smaller versions!

Powder-Coated Steel Coat Rack
Daily Find

6/1/11 02:16 PM

With twins in less than 1000 sq feet, we either did not use the following, or got rid of them pretty quick:

- Diaper genie (filled up too quickly!)
- Sleep sacks that were open at the bottom
- Boppy pillow
- Swing (I used it as an extra seat, but never turned it on due to severe reflux issues!)
- Any clothing that required ironing
- Most clothes that went over the head (so much vomiting we used kimono-style clothes for easier changes)
- changing table (just a plastic changing mat on the dresser)

Of course, everything was different with the third three years later :)

What Did You Think You Couldn't Live Without...But Can?
5/15/11 10:52 PM