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i just realized you can't do pm's on here- so email me sabrinafly@hotmail.com

CHI Good Questions: Similar Sofa to the Sahara?
5/16/11 12:06 AM

I know this is an old post but it came up when I put in "younger furniture". We actually have the 40535 - Apartment Sofa and matching chairs. We love them and they look modern but I think would be amazing with mid-century furniture too. We have had them for a year and they are in perfect condition. If anyone above or out there in internet land is looking at this- we have to sell them so please contact me if you're interested. I will post them in the classifieds too but just putting that out there :)

CHI Good Questions: Similar Sofa to the Sahara?
5/15/11 08:42 PM

Hi j2b- We have a Younger Furniture sofa set and its great. Its lasted a year so far and literally looks brand new still. Seems very sturdy and has had no sagging or dents at all. We are very happy

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