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So...I think the apartment is efficiently organized and well done from a "lets fit ourselves into a micro-space" aspect, however I don't know that it's particularly beautiful. It's cleanly done. I wouldn't find it cozy or comfortable to live here, but utilitarian and plain. Given the bones of what you have, I'd just need something a little more interesting on the walls -- for example the wall above the bed could use something visually appealing to look at.

The closet solutions are very clever, but I don't care for the clothing stacked on open shelves. Otherwise I do applaud your knack for living minimally.

Otherwise, I don't think this will accommodate a growing child particularly well -- just because I don't see where the child will ultimately have a space of her own, nor how the parents will get privacy from the child when they need it.

Inside Out: Max and Sara Kate's Small Really is Cool!
5/13/11 08:15 PM