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The best backsplash I've EVER had is mirror. Cheap, easy to clean, and available in an amazing array of tints (even copper!). I'll never go back!

What Are Easy To Clean Backsplash Options?
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6/1/11 01:49 PM

Is there a color you want/need to repeat from the other side of the room we can't see? I change my pillows seasonally - greens for spring/summer and reds/burgundy for fall/winter. Both colors are in the cream-based area rug in the living room...I agree with the above advice from Murphy, too.

Suggest Colors For Throw Pillows On Couch?
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5/23/11 01:24 PM

My mother-in-law used a frame with stained glass in it to place over the window...worked great, and made a statement inside AND out!

Perfect Window Treatments for the Kitchen or Bathroom?
5/13/11 07:02 PM