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Hello, I am Elizabeth's daughter, Alabel. I am not going to grow up to be a minimalist. Definitely not. In fact, I am so inspired by my mothers work, I may grow up to be just like her and I hope I will have a house as amazing as this one. My brother and I had very much say in our rooms and we love them. They are not too much for us at all! As for the rats, who can be worried about rats when they don't really even bother us and this is a website for commenting about the house, not rats and people. I would not want to live in any other house in the world! I am lucky to have a mother that is so wonderful and adventurous.

Elizabeth's Colorful and Adventurous House
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5/29/11 03:14 PM

Elizabeth's husband here. Thank you all for your kind comments. To answer a few questions:
- the painting over the dining room mantel is by Austin artist Candace Briseno
- the piece in the same room with the little girl's dress is by Austin artist Kathie Sever. Her link was not included in the artist list, here it is:
- the rats do not have names, we periodically have to wage war to keep their population down and eliminate the nighttime scurrying in the walls, but they are kinda cute with their delicate white whiskers and transluscent ears, plus they have done far less to make the earth uninhabitable for other species than we have, and one has to admire their adaptability and intelligence. They are survivors.
- to you people wagging your fingers, 3500 squ. ft. includes 850 ft of apartment upstairs not featured in the shoot
- we got the "keep calm" poster some years ago and still love it despite it's having become ubiquitous (at least among a certain segment of the population). Not gonna get rid of it. Good words to live by.
- The commercial kitchen island came used from the antique fair at Round Top, TX
- Elizabeth painted the b & w floor
- Sensory overload gives me anxiety. As one who lives here, I can say the overwhelming feeling in every room is one of calm and harmony.

Elizabeth's Colorful and Adventurous House
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5/13/11 07:03 PM