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the post is titled "14 Ways To Spruce Up the Bedroom Before Buying Anything New!" but the suggestions are very much shopping based: buying night stand tables, an air purifier, flowers and a rug.


Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | 14 Ways To Spruce Up the Bedroom Before Buying Anything New!
2/24/08 12:21 AM

I enjoyed the spirit of this review but it reads a bit like a PR press release. bombay bazar was one of the first places I visited when I moved to the bay area. at the time, the ice cream shop also featured chaat and snacks and curries, all cooked fresh each day by the owner of the shop. I have yet to find anything to equal the amazing taste of that indian food (the owner has since passed along the cooking to a local restaurant, as raising a family and simmering curries for five hours a day was too much).

there is a low turnover in their bulk foods and spices section, so moths and bugs live good rich lives there. rainbow grocery collective, close by, offers many bulk spices that are fresh, critter free and often even organic.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | San Francisco Grocery Review: Bombay Bazar
2/24/08 12:13 AM