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I love the old 20s style bathrooms you are talking about... they remind me of the apartment my grandparents used to live in in the Bronx. <3. Unfortunately, my bathroom is not that fun colored, but I rent, so it's just as well. I have a 70s/80s beige/cream/harvest yellow color palette going on... so my curtain and bath rug are white, the bath mat is cream (hey, they still make them that color!) and my towels are lucky if they match themselves, let alone anything else. ;)

3 Color Directions for Vintage Bathrooms
6/1/11 01:00 PM

Some of my solutions have already been mentioned: macrame hangers and cat grass. But I did pick up a rather ingenius idea from someone I used to volunteer with. My oldest cat had the habit of using any plant big enough for me to have on the floor as her litter box, which would kill them. I tried tape, screening, all sorts of things. Finally this guy said to put knicknacks in the dirt so that all these odd angles would be poking out every which way and she wouldn't want to walk on it. So I rounded up knicknacks, happy meal toys, anything waterproof I could find, and viola: no litter box actions. My only problem now is my new kitty has figured out how to lean against the pot with his front paws while standing on his back paws to reach the lower leaves to chew. I'm sticking the next pot of cat grass there and putting double-sided tape on the pot; hopefully that works! XD

Indoor Plants: How Do You Keep Your Cats Away?
5/12/11 05:26 AM