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Mine is "Shoot the Moon" 1982 - gorgeous big old farmhouse in Marin County. My dream locale, but definitely not my dream life. I'll always remember Diane Keaton taking a bath singing "If I Fell". At least, I think that's what I remember.

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8/3/11 01:29 PM

Two cats and I got through a 3 month reno with the fridge in the hallway and the guest bedroom set up with: microwave, coffee maker, toaster oven. I stocked up on paper plates, styrofoam cups and plastic utensils. The cats ate off paper plates, too. Not only did I never take out, I brought breakfast and lunch to work everyday and even made a huge salad to take to a potluck dinner. I really only cooked on weekends - ate a lot of lean cuisine and sandwiches during the week.

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5/11/11 12:52 PM