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There needs to be something like this for vertical blinds.

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11/28/12 08:51 AM


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5/10/12 05:41 PM

What about the Brompton?

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4/13/12 11:37 PM

Love it!

The TGIF Dance Final Frame
3/17/12 02:24 PM

Nice, is that chalkboard paint? If it is, I have to complement your sweet penmanship. If I write something on a wall it usually looks super crooked and like chicken scratch.

The Wine Lover's Home Office Final Frame
3/6/12 10:40 PM

Your house is beautiful!. It kind of reminds me of the Smart Home at the museum of Science and Industry in Chicago.

Megan & Stephen's Off-the-Runway Estate Tech Tour
3/6/12 08:59 PM

A good alternative to the AppleTV would be the Roku 2 XS. It's also only $99 and is a lot more flexible than the AppleTV. I love apple products, but I'd have to Jailbreak the AppleTV to get it to do what I want.

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12/13/11 06:04 PM

Ditto @ ResidentGeek. Really interested in the chalk.

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11/20/11 03:29 PM

If only it was waterproof. Then it'd be the perfect watch.

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10/7/11 04:32 PM

Nice, total dream room.

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9/16/11 05:39 PM

Love It!

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8/18/11 09:41 PM

Love it!

Carley's DIY Audio Equipped Picnic Table
8/3/11 09:52 PM

I love it, but not $200 bucks love it.

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7/19/11 02:59 PM

This is beautiful, great job!!

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6/24/11 03:33 AM

Nice! If only I had a superfluous amount of money. That place would so be mine.

An Extreme Minimal Home Theater Makeover
6/2/11 01:37 PM

What kind of cooling pad is that? It's perfect! I so want one.

Souris Hong-Porretta of Hustler of Culture
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5/10/11 10:29 PM