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What I like the most about this room is that it looks so well put together, but not in an overdone way. It looks as if someone really lives there (wish it was me!). The assortment of colors is pleasantly surprising. Although I think the white looks good in this room, I have a soft spot for antique brass. Kind of hard to find just going from shop to shop. Luckily my best friend Molly is wonderful -- she turned me on to a great antique restoration place called lookintheattic. They have a TON of selection and did a custom finishing for me last month, and it didn't cost me any body parts or internal organs.

The only thing I don't like in this picture is the rug. The texture is kind of weird and the color is odd, too, but maybe that's just me...I can see that the room might look too "cold" if there wasn't a rug. And I really have no room to talk...the rug in my bathroom is rather ugly. Anyways, I must stop rambling now, my little girl is waking up. Thanks for a great post!


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5/10/11 01:47 PM

This is really quite amazing. It reminds me of my best friend's apartment in Connecticut. I agree with tanteke, it does look like something out of an Austen novel...although in my opinion it looks even better! Classic, yet updated and sophisticated. Love it. My friend's apartment isn't so light, but she chose similar restored period furniture and accent pieces purchased from lookintheattic. After seeing this, I think she should paint her walls lighter. It makes the whole place look open and happy...definitely will be linking her to this post. Thank you!

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