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Etsy is one of my favorite places to get unique artwork. I love finding unique prints, handmade journals, even supplies for my jewelry shop on Etsy. It's definitely a way of life! :)
Alyssa of Chewlry - Handmade Jewelry with Bite

Make a Statement with Bold Artwork from Etsy
5/10/11 01:20 PM

WOW. That is gorgeous! I would say that I'm surprised... but I'm not. Etsy should have a headquarters that reflects the creativity, style, and bold color choices of its sellers and products. This is a reason why I LOVE selling on Etsy; they really GET their patrons and customers! Great photo.
Chewlry - Handmade Jewelry with Bite

A Look at the Etsy Headquarters
5/10/11 01:18 PM

I love Etsy! I am officially an Etsy-obsessed buyer, seller, promoter... everything. I started a handmade jewelry shop called Chewlry - Handmade Jewelry with Bite! Etsy is a great place to buy, too, if you're looking for something high-quality, creative and unique.

Our Favorite Etsy Stores, 2011 Edition— And Tell Us Yours!
5/10/11 01:15 PM