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@MollyMorris I spilled some stuff that got between the two panes, and recently got around to cleaning it, but it required taking apart the entire front door. Not particularly fun, but it wasn't impossible either. I have a cheaper Kenmore oven though.

Why You Should (Almost) Never Use Your Oven's Self-Cleaning Function
8/17/12 09:25 AM

I think the issue is that people will say, "Oh, the pro photographer is taking group pictures? Let me get in there with my smart phone and take one too." "Oh, take one on my phone too!"

Ruins the time if people are asking you to pose for a smartphone picture (especially more than one) asking you to stay posed while everyone takes a picture. Then they post their blurry low-light pics to Facebook.

Candids are rarely an issue.

The Etiquette of Sharing Photos
Good Questions

1/11/12 05:42 PM

7th for Crashplan. I have 10 machines backed up online to Crashplan for $119, unlimited backup. The best part is that Crashplan lets you back up anything and even lets you back up to other computers running Crashplan, so you don't even need to pay for the subscription, you can back up online to another friend's computer.

Comparing Online Backups for Your Home Hard Drive
10/17/11 01:44 PM

This thing changed our lives.

We didn't have land lines, just our two cell phones, which were always lost, in a bag, in another room, dead, etc.

We now just keep our cell phones plugged in our bedroom, regardless of how our phones are set (silent, vibrate), I get the phone call. Our cell phones are always charged and ready to go because they just get plugged in when we get home from work AND we know where they are.

Since it wasn't mentioned in the review, the set I have links with TWO cell phones (mine and my wife's) and we have different ringers set for each.

*Strong recommend here.

Pansonic Link-to-Cell Bluetooth Cordless Phone
Unplggd Test Lab

10/14/11 07:45 PM

The omission of Vignette is regrettable.

The 6 Coolest Photo & Camera Effects Apps for Android
5/31/11 12:21 PM

It can be an issue if the hardware encryption fails or becomes obsolete. I have an Imation Pivot Plus 8 GB that won't work with Windows 7, Linux or OSX. Only 2000, XP and Vista, and there is no upgrade to fix the issue.

High Security Portable Thumb Drives
5/9/11 06:58 PM