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Over done. There aren't very many shipping containers made out of butcher block.

An IKEA Kitchen Cart With a Bit of Rustic Charm

7/24/11 01:41 PM

The cabinets meet the minimum requirements for distance from the stove, but do you have any concerns from the heat burning up your cabinets? Does the microwave vent to the outside? The stove puts out 12,000 BTU on the triple burner, so I imagine things can get quite hot with four burners in a relatively small space.

Jenniffer's Small Yet Luxurious Kitchen
7/24/11 08:33 AM

The sixth picture of the Gold Coast tour is such a terrible kitchen. I don't mean the throwback to formica as if it were ever cool, but having cabinets hanging over the counter space like that. I mean, you can't lean over the counter now, but it's the only functional space to work.

It reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where Jerry remodeled his kitchen. It's practically the same setup.

Classic Chicago Homes: From Coach Houses to Two Flats
American Style

7/24/11 08:05 AM

I agree with the others about the tub. I would have dumped that sink before that tub; especially after having lived with two separate water faucets where one always runs scalding hot and the other ice cold. It's nice to be able to adjust the water temperature out of one faucet.

Personally, given the available space in the bathroom and the work done to redo the plumbing, I would have looked for an option to build the faucet into the wall and use the extra space for a sink that doesn't stick out so far.

And, I would have kept the classic tile design. I see some homage was paid to the black and white tiling on the floor, the wall and new bathtub are really ugly.

Again, personally, I would have just reglazed the wall tiles and bathtub with a classic color.

I couldn't tell from the pictures, but I noticed that some of the floors are parquet. I sincerely hope you kept those floors and just refinished them. Very few people know how to do parquet floors the right way anymore, and it'd just be a tragedy if they were ripped out.

The Kitchen and Bath Renovations at Brooklyn Limestone
5/23/11 02:36 PM

I really like the 5th one -- perhaps with a rainfall type shower though.

Inspiring Outdoor Bathrooms
5/16/11 05:41 PM