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Speaking as someone who practices as a designer and teaches at SAIC, please do not hire a student. Get a professional; your money will go farther, and you will want to live with the results for a longer period of time. Plus, a professional will have access to more resources, materials, and contractors. Last but not least, a professional will have client references and a portfolio of built work that will give you an understanding of their work. A student will not. You get what you pay for.

Good Decorators in Chicago, Please? Good Questions
9/7/13 12:23 AM

Dear Jsantonastaso,

Apologies for upsetting you. I didn't accuse you of negligence--I only raised a matter of real concern. The code which applies in your jurisdiction does permit bedrooms which have mechanical ventilation and artificial light. That said, is it best practice? Most fire professionals would strongly prefer natural ventilation--you can't rely upon electrical service in a fire. And, as a professional, you know that 'being nice' is less important than being cautious when it comes to life safety matters.

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5/7/11 06:26 PM

While I like many aspects of this room, the parent should be aware that in most municipalities, this room could not be considered a bedroom. A legal bedroom typically requires direct access to light and air. This can be achieved through an opening in the wall or a window to the outside. I'm especially concerned about this scheme for a child's room because the rationale for these regulations is driven by concerns about fire hazards. In the event of a fire at or near the door to the room, the child has no source of fresh air or access to an alternative escape route. Dangerous! Ohdeedoh PLEASE! reconsider promoting design practices that endanger children. Talk to any firefighter or fire marshal for details. Thank you.

Alex's Carved Out Space
Smaller Cooler 2011 Entry #9

5/7/11 01:12 PM