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Love the chairs, only wished for more interesting fabric color.

Before & After: The Fate of Sheryl's Vintage Chairs Good Questions Revisited
4/9/14 06:45 PM

I love the "before" mirror.......what did you do with it?????

Before & After: A Dramatic Small Space Makeover... and What Makes it Work Lonny
4/3/14 11:05 AM

The "before" was far more interesting and had great potential

Before & After: Kristi's DIY Reclaimed Wood Fireplace
2/22/14 03:54 PM

I have never seen any furniture at Goodwill for $15. Never

Before & After: Chelsea's Buffet Transformation
2/22/14 11:11 AM

Thanks for a great list!! I love # 3.......a lot can be organized in 15 minutes. It reminds me of an item on an organizer's list from several years ago that said, "before going to bed, make certain your kitchen sink is empty".

10 Habits of a Highly Organized Person: How Pro Organizer Jeni Aron Keeps Her Own Life Under Control
1/21/14 02:40 PM

I like boring brown

Before & After: A Nightstand's Nod to Geometry
1/13/14 10:31 AM

love everything about this place......but the wires hanging from your beautiful sconces and dining table light

Brian & Brad's Artfully Modern Apartment House Tour
8/1/13 06:54 PM

The space is lovely but are there windows? What about heat and air conditioning?

Before & After: Heather's Garage Studio Renovation
7/8/13 12:19 PM

I want someone who takes the moral high-ground....... honesty and trust-worthiness trumps everything else

What Should You Know About Each Other Before You Move In Together?
1/22/13 01:12 PM

the black looks nice but I prefer the "before"

Before & After: $60 Marble-Top Coffee Table Makeover Jess Lively
1/18/13 12:47 PM

I love the new light.

Before & After:
A Renovated Breakfast Nook Old House New Tricks

1/14/13 01:18 PM

thrift stores often have wonderful dishes, glassware. You can mix/match and have interesting place settings that are far more appealing than hospital white. No where does it say dinnerware should be a "set".

Set the Table: 10 Budget Dinnerware Sets
11/12/12 07:11 PM

Good way to limit house guest visits

A Peek Inside the World's Skinniest House
11/7/12 12:34 PM

the new fabric is actually the same as the old fabric, different color. I was hoping for more of a surprise......Cute nonetheless.

Before & After: Vintage Settee MakeoverKnot All that I Seam
10/1/12 12:30 PM

I'd love to know more about the coffee table....on 4 wheels? Was it part of something else or did you add the wheels. Love it!

Chuck's Americana in Hollywood House Call
9/17/12 07:18 PM

What a great room.....and it could be either a boy's or girl's room makes it even better.

A Child's Room with a Chinoiserie Twist Roommarks
8/10/12 09:19 PM

I grew up with glasses just like these

Vintage Glassware: Tumblers, Juice & Cocktail Glasses The Friday MORNING Scavenger
8/10/12 10:27 AM

Stairs usually come with a bannister. Using it usually prevents slipping and falling.

Slipping, Sliding & Safety:
Carpeted vs. Wooden Stairs

8/9/12 04:41 PM

Spending money on experiences rather than things is such worthwhile advice! I would rather go to a show, visit a museum or arboretum than have more jewelry or clothes.....it took a long time to get to this place but I'm so happy I finally made it.

5 Things I Learned on My Summer Staycation
7/26/12 01:31 PM

Love the black with leaves.....

10 DIY Glider & Rocker Makeovers
6/26/12 11:51 AM