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Hi Alex,

Please could you tell me where you got those white rectangular shelves ? I can't seem to find them anywhere !


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4/11/08 02:08 PM

It's both cultural and social.. In Japan, you wouldn't even consider entering someone's house with your shoes on. It's such an integral part of the culture that houses are designed that way (the entry / foyer area is sunken) so you have the opportunity to take your shoes off, and climb up onto the living area where slippers are provided.

I think it's a nice gesture to offer slippers for guests if you request their shoes be taken off. Having said that, dinner parties where everyone is all dressed up from head to... ankles (?) and completing the look with slippers would make a great photo.

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2/26/08 07:53 AM

Maxwell / Sara Kate, please can you tell me where you got that white chair from?

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2/22/08 12:37 PM

Copenhagen Airport is the only airport where I didn't mind getting the news that my plane had been delayed (by 5 hrs). They have an excellent cafe as well. The city itself is every designer's heaven.

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2/22/08 12:27 PM