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Love Behr Ultra White

Help Me Choose the Right White Paint
2/29/12 07:23 PM

Yes. Definitely. At my parent's house it's THE place to sit.

Are Bars Between Kitchen/Living Room Useful?
Good Questions

1/5/12 05:50 PM

I just hung a hammock in my dining-room-turned-workspace. It's right in front of a sunny window and my favorite place relax. I'm also looking to use outdoor, clear bulb, string lights in my living room.

Outdoor Decor Indoors: Living Room Hammock
11/8/11 11:13 AM

I use specific keywords and CraigsEasy (http://craigseasy.com/)- it's a button you can add to your bookmark bar. You click it after you get your search results, and then your results are displayed via the images.

How To Get What You Want from Craigslist
10/27/11 06:04 PM